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The office decoration should be undertaken after taking various points such as providing comfort, forming a productive working environment etc. into consideration. When working on the decoration, it is also highly important to determine what kind of business the office will be used for. For example, an office that requires formality and seriousness cannot have the same decoration related traits with an office that strengthens the creativity side.

Office Decoration

An office of a law firm should be decorated with dark colored furniture and with object with sharp lines. An office of an advertisement company, where the creativity is on the frontline, colors, images, comfort and a relaxed atmosphere should be on the forefront.  In general, the points, which should be taken into account in office decoration works, can be listed as follows;

An environment, where the office employees will feel comfortable, should be created.

The office furniture should be picked up from the designs that offer high levels of comfort. Especially the desks and chairs should in ideal size, comfortable and functional. However, preferring furniture that complies with the width of the interior space is another critical point. Choosing durable and long lasting furniture would give a financial advantage.

Google Office

The walls should be light colored with vivid shades of colors.

The color of the walls is the most important factor in workplace productivity. If the end result is desired to be a creative space, the light and vivid colors should be preferred. Colors like brown, dark blue etc will not be suitable for office walls. The light shades of beige, yellow, blue and the pink can be picked. As demonstrated by a variety of researches, using light colors on the walls increases productivity.

wall of office

Multipurpose office cabinets that prevent mess

Right after the decoration works, the office may look a bit messy. That is why Multipurpose Office Cabinets should be placed to your office. Such cabinets can be placed to the niches and corners, dubbed as the dead spaces. Therefore they would not hinder the walking lanes within the office and such spaces are used for some purpose. In addition, the devices like copiers can be placed on top of the furniture such as the file cabinets, which are designed to be shorter.

Office Cabinets

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