Fast Foods vs Healthy Foods

Get a notebook right now and start writing down!

You need to change your habits and the subconscious codes in your brain in order to löse weight. The best way of doing this is writing every morning and evening. Get a notebook and a pen and write down how happy you will get when you lose weight, what you ate that day and the benefits of doing sports. Even if you write a few words, it will help you train your mind about losing weight.

Diet Notebook

Always be honest to yourself!

When I talk to overweight people, they tell me they drink enough water, go on walks and eat well but they still have extra weight! Come on now be honest to yourself, are you really doing what you are supposed to be doing? How many glasses of water did you drink today? Did you go for a 10 minute walk after meals? How many times did you exercise this week? You can fool yourself but you cannot fool the fat on your body! Nobody enjoys lies, so why are you doing this to yourself?

Honest Diet

Activate your practical intelligence!

Practical intelligence lies at the core of weight loss. You aren’t at home and you’re hungry, what do you do? Do you go to the nearest fast food restaurant and buy a burger or a pizza? Stop right there! Instead of doing that you should go to a supermarket and prefer healthier alternatives like nuts and yoghurt drinks. When you get hungry at night, you can suppress your appetite by drinking milk with cinnamon, which will help you lose up to four kilos of fat. If you don’t have time to prepare breakfast, you can make a sandwich from a whole wheat or rye bread and eat it in the morning.


You have to plan ahead!

You think about what to wear to a wedding or a special occasion, right? Are you also doing that for your nutrition? Do you prepare healthy snacks like nuts and fruit? Do you have a weekly meal plan? Do you have healthy snacks in your bag for emergency? You have to plan ahead if you want to lose weight!

Life Planning

Losing weight requires effort and patience. Nobody can lose weight easily and painlessly. If you’ve started a diet you have to know that there will be obstacles and cravings for bad food. You can try to overcome these obstacles with the power of prayer.