Do not underestimate the tutorials.

While the Practice Mode shows you the basics of the game, the Advance Practice provides you some other information in a more detailed manner. After grasping the basics, we suggest you to have the details. After that you can test what you learned in the Free Mode and in Duel Practice, you can undertake some duels with progressively increasing difficulty. The easiest bot difficulty level is 0 while the hardest is 3. Keep that in mind. The remaining 3 videos are not as effective as the Practice Levels but nevertheless, they will show you a lot. Do not underestimate them. This is not a game that you will learn and pick up quickly solely by diving into the multiplayer mode.

For Honor Guide

Your first Multiplayer experience is important

For honor features various game modes. One of those modes is the Duel Mode, meaning one on one. Now toy can play every game mode with the bots, that is good but the bots have a very standard assault method and that will not satisfy you in time. When that time comes, instead of jumping to 4 on 4 in the Multiplayer, try to start with 1 on 1 directly. The reason is that in each mode with the exception of the duel mode, the players love attacking the opposing players 4 on one. And that will definitely not teach you the game. So don’t be scared and have some duels. Nobody will bother you and your enemy.

For Honor Multiplayer

Choose your hero wisely

If you will not play For Honor 10 hours a day, you have to be very careful about the in game money that you will spend and the efforts you will give. There are 12 characters in the game and each one of them has different gameplay style. There is this problem though; all the characters except of the standard ones are locked and you have to pay 500 Steel to unlock them. If you unlock all the characters, you will end up spending a lot of money and that will leave you without any funds for character improvements. So, you can jump to the Scenario Mode first. The Scenario Mode makes you try almost all characters. You can decide there and unlock your main character for 500 Steel and you can use your remaining funds to improve your character.

For Honor Chars

Push the buttons carefully

This game is no Hack & Slash. Attacking by merely pressing R2 30 times a second would never give you anything. First, you need to pay attention to your stamina and health bar. Then you have to learn the primal combos of your character and to plan your attack accordingly. If required, and yes it will be required, you need to observe the enemy movements and wait for a good opportunity to strike. This game, especially in Duel Mode, requires absolute patience.

For Honor Control

The additional Armor and weapon parts are not always available

Within For Honor, you may purchase new weapon and armor parts for your character. Such parts affect certain stats of your character and a second level forms. This Level is called the Gear Level. However, this aforementioned Gear Level is not active in all game modes. You may read from various guides from the net that it is available only in 4 on 4 mode, but is not exactly the case either. You are able to switch on and off the Gear Level and the statistical effects of the weapon / armor parts for all in game mode while searching for plays. However, this only searches games in 4 on 4 mode when as switched on, it remains switched off in the other modes as standard. You can set this from the Game Search settings.

Special Char For Honor

Do not waste your money

When we say money, we mean both the real world currency and the in game currency, the Steel. If you ask me, it is not logical to invest a lot of money to any game. Having said that, there is this currency, Steel. If you will not play the game constantly, it will be very hard for you to earn steel. And you will have a problem if you go on and spend your hard earned steel to some cosmetic elements. Because spending the Steel on the new weapon and armor parts and using those parts to level up will the best for your character. A color scheme that you will purchase will change nothing.


Use the Revenge Feature Timely

If you sustain constant damage or if you block the attacks, the Revenge Feature will be charged after a while. The Revenge renders your durability infinite for a limited period and increases your attack / defense stats. There is a sweet spot as well, if you engage this feature at the exact time that your opponent lands a hit on you, your enemy falls to the ground. And at that moment, you get a chance to land 3 hits because your opponent will be unable to defend. If you use your best combo for this moment, you can turn the tide of the battle to your own favor. Also this feature is pivotal for the 2 on 1 situation. If you activate this when one of your two opponents attack, you will have 5-10 seconds to kill the other enemy as well. Use this with care and try to turn in into an advantage.

Revenge For Hnor

Don’t get carried away too much, run away

Don’t get yourself into 4 on 1 situation to fill up the Revenge. More than 2 opponents will be sufficient to kill you. If you face with a large number of enemy and you are on your own, run away. But try to run away to a teammate. And in the same manner, don’t forget to help out a teammate in need. Even 1 person can change the situation during the battle

Run Away

Be careful about what you are attacking to

If one of your teammates attacks to an enemy, don’t try to slide into the same action to attack to the same enemy. In all modes of the game, friendly damage is on. Getting too close in to somebody during an attack may cause damage both to you and to your teammate. And that generally leads to your death. And the thing is let those 2 guys battle properly, it is not very ethical to involve in a 1 on 1 situation as a third party.


Look out to your surroundings

Cliffs, waters, seas, lava, spikes and all bunch of other things that you think may harm the enemy, well, harm the enemy. You may drive your opponent to the edge of a cliff or into the lava and get an easy kill. That will also saves you from swinging your sword around for minutes. The thing is the short cuts are always good.