For Honor War of the Factions

For Honor is a game featuring both a scenario mode and a multiplayer game mode in its core. We can play the scenario mode and the 5 main modes of the multiply mode both with the actual online players or the bots if we like. All those modes are easy to play, easy to understand. However, there is one mode in the game that has the potential to cause some confusion for everyone. This mode is the War of Factions. If you know a bit English, you would understand what this mode means. Well if you don’t, let’s say that in this mode, Vikings, Samurai and Knights face off. But in a grand scale in a very interesting way. Now it is time to explain all the details of this mode and how it is played etc in the next chapters of this article.

The War of Factions Mode is basically an interactive game mode. What makes this mode interesting is that it is cross platform game mode, where PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players may play together. There are main bases of Vikings, Samurai and Knights on the map. They have their own lands and borders. What the players should do is choosing a side in the beginning of the game and fighting for the faction they choose, defending your borders or going beyond borders and attack to expand your territory. However, this is, as we indicated, an interactive mode, meaning that unlike the other modes in the game, you do not swing your sword around. On the contrary, you fight in the classic 5 player mode of the game and depending on your battle achievements; you get a certain number of units. And you dispatch those units to the border areas or areas beyond the borders. The faction with most units at the end of a certain time, round or session wins the game.

Those units that I mentioned are granted most when you play against the actual players or when you play back to back games. So, while you obtain, let’s say 100 units against a round against the bots, you get 500 units when you go head to head against the actual players. If you enter into a second game after finishing the first one, you get %20 Bonus units at the end of the second game and this goes on like that. However, the units are not automatically allocated at the end of the game. You need to place them by your own. In order to be able to do that, you need to click on the “Deploy War Assets” option when the game ends without logging off the lobby and you need to select an area in the map that pops up in that option. You carry out defense if the area that you choose is under your control as you play offense if the area you choose is not under your control.

When you dispatch the units in the For Honor – War of Factions Mode, there is one thing for you to pay attention to. Do not deploy units to the areas, where you establish your domination. This will do no good at all. Instead, deploy your units to the areas, where you have a presence around %50. And don’t forget that you don’t have to send units necessarily to the areas, where the game mode takes place. For example, even if the Duel Mode happens to be at the edge of the border between the Samurai and Viking, you can play the duel and send out the units to the border. There is no such limit in the game. Also this mode has another sweet side; the map design varies depending on which faction holds the area, where the game mode takes place. Actually there are 2 maps for each faction but the logos and flags can be changed on this map by the faction that has the area.

But why do you have to support this mode? We pointed out earlier that the limits in this mode vary in hourly periods, 2-week periods and 10 week seasons. The updates that come at the beginning of each hour do not give you anything but at the end of each round; the most prolific supporters are presented with unique gifts. At the end of the seasons, almost all of those who participate in this mode obtain something. Naturally the most prolific supporters get the most unique prizes. That means if you want your character to be unique, unlike any other character in the game, you need to play this mode a lot. Because, the prizes that you will receive will be owned by a few out there.