For Honor Maps

For honor, the multiplayer based competitive game that was launched on 14th of February 2017 was greatly welcomed. And the reason of this love is naturally the multiplayer modes and the experience that it offers. But those modes are not played in the empty space right? There are maps in the game in which the events take place. In this article, we will take a look at those maps. After checking this article, you will have enough knowledge about all the maps in the game and you may shape your gameplay in the light of such information to reach success. Lets dive into our guide directly without further due.

For Honor Control

The first map that we want to mention here is the Citadel Gate Map with Knight Theme. This map may come across in different variants as the Day – Ashfeld, the Foggy Day – The Myre, and the Snowy Night – Valkenheim. The Citadel Gate, which comes from the closed Beta process, contain cliffs that you can drive your opponents off as it also has areas in C, where you may assault on your enemies by jumping from above onto them below. Those overhead strikes are usually fatal for the enemy. Therefore they are very important points but if the C area is in the enemy side, attacking from this point will become harder as the enemies constantly respawn next to you.

Run Away

Another Knight themed map is the Cathedral. This map too has different variants; the Day – Ashfeld, the Rainy Day – The Myre, and the Foggy Dawn – Valkenheim. While the Citadel Gate map appears in all game modes, the Cathedral Map is only available in Duel and Brawl Modes. Due to the fact that the modes, in which this map is available, are small scale modes, there are more traps. Geyser is the most important of those traps. But if you throw your enemy directly to the geyser, he may not be killed immediately because the geysers are not always active. Before getting active, a certain movement occurs on the water. If you throw your enemy to the water as soon as you notice this movement, you can kill them directly. However, doing this a bit early may lead to failure.

For Honor Multiplayer

The last 2 maps below (The River Fort and the Canyon) belong to the Viking Faction. They have the following variants respectively; The Day – Ashfeld, the Cloudy Night – The Myre, and the Snowy Night – Valkenheim; Day –Ashfeld, The Foggy Day – The Myre, and the Snowy Night. While the River Fort is available in all game modes, the Canyon Map is only available in small scale game modes. There are various traps in both maps, the most important being the sharp spikes, which you can push your enemy to. In addition, you can drive your enemies to sea with some effort.