When you apply those strategies, you will be dominating all game modes. Naturally what we will give you here will not be sufficient alone. You also need to know the characters that you will use. However, it is the subject of a different article. For now, let’s visit only the game modes. Here is your For Honor – Game Modes guide.


First of all, we want to get over with the Scenario Mode after discussing it a bit. This mode is comprised of 4 difficulty levels but they should not be significant for you because there is not much of a story, worth playing for. The narration is also the same. But playing scenario mode is important for the purpose of the collectables in this mode because they will be useful in the multiplayer mode. As we discussed before, there are loot crates in the game and the most valuable of those is the premium box, worth 500 steel. You can find those boxes in scenario mode and can unlock them in multiplayer. There are 3 stages in the Scenario Mode. When all 3 levels are completed, a minimum of 7 boxes will be available to unlock. Those 7 boxes will enable you to begin the multiplayer mode swiftly in a comfortable manner.

Run Away

The next mode is probably the most competitive multiplayer mode; The Duel mode. This mode can only be played 1 on 1. You can play against an actual player or against a bot, the decision is yours. When you play against an actual player, you gain more XP and steel than all other game modes. Whatever your decision is, having honor when playing against a real player is the best. That means you shouldn’t exploit the bugs of the game. In addition, since the duel is based on patience at its core, you need to look for the best possible moment to strike. You should be in defense whenever you are not attacking. What your opponent may do is uncertain. And you have to know the map for the honorable but swift wins. We discussed this above as all the maps feature natural and artificial traps and hazards. The artificial traps are the elements with pointy edges. If you drive your enemy towards such traps, they are killed directly. The natural traps include the cliffs, lava and other similar staff. Be careful while trying to drive your opponent to such traps as you may also be the victim.

For Honor Control

Now is the time for the next mode, the dominion. This mode features the classic capture the area system. There are 3 different areas on the map and all those 3 points are close to both teams. At points A and C, only the actual players face off while the point B is a totally different story. Because there are bots, controlled by AI and those bots advance to Point B directly. The bots can be killed by the actual players with one strike but don’t abstain from engaging in because of a single strike thing because in order for you to capture point B, you need to repel the enemy bots as well. This can only be undertaken by the actual players. In addition, in this mode as the rest of the multiplayer modes, you can revive teammates.  If you see a kill message on screen, go there and revive your friend at once. Because the Dominion mode is all about the numbers, whoever has more alive people standing, that team dominates.

For Honor Brawl Mode

The next mode in our guide is the Brawl Mode, which is played 2 on 2. This mode that can also be played with actual players and bots operates just like the Duel mode but this time each team is comprised of 2 players.  Both players in one team face of the 2 players of the opposing team. However, the opponents start in the opposite sides of the map. If you want to snatch a win in this mode as a team; you need to take down the enemy rapidly with the same logic in Duel. You need to rush to your teammate for assistance as well. However, if you want this to be a game of honor, you need to go next to your teammate and just stand there. You should not attack. It is best you leave both parties in the duel. You need to take his place if / when he dies or if the enemy attempts to revive his teammate you need to step in to prevent such an action. This is the most ethical way to play this game. And there is another tiny tip; if you kill your enemy with a finishing move, he dies in an unrevivable way. And as a logical way, you don’t summon someone, whose head is chopped off, back from the dead right?

For Honor Modes

The Elimination is another one of the modes in the For Honor. In principle, the Elimination Mode is the same as the Brawl. However, the Elimination is played 4 on 4. In this mode that involves 8 players in total, each player is matched with an enemy and starts the game at the edge of the map with the enemy he / she is matched with. After the start, you can run next to your teammates and create mayhem of can swiftly finish off your match and therefore can establish numerical superiority. In addition, there is one feature that the Brawl Mode does not have is the character power ups. The power ups that can be gained from the certain points on the map are actually quite similar to the power ups in scenario mode. They may not change the tide of the battle but using them in the right time in right place would definitely give you an edge.

For Honor Multiplayer

The final multiplayer mode in For Honor is the skirmish. This is the most ordinary and the plainest mode in the game. This is the Deathmatch you know. In this mode, which can be played 4 on 4; the team that first reaches to 1000 points wins the game. In order to rack up the points, you need to kill the players in the opposing team. In order to succeed in this game mode, you need to know how to use your character just like any other mode. Also you, as a team should be a whole. You need to know who faces off who, who is left with which hero and whether or not your teammates asks for help, all of them which will provide you an edge in the battle.