Fat Burning

Staying hungry while having a diet in order to lose weight is one of the biggest mistakes ever. The best way to lose weight in a rapid and healthy manner is adding foods that speed up the burning of fat and implementing a workout program along with the diet. The studies in this regard demonstrate that the following food speed up the fat burning process;

Eat These Foods to Burn Belly Fat!


A study shows that people, who consume grapefruit for 12 days before each meal, lost an average of 1,5 kgs.

Turkey Meat

Proteins are used in muscle building while helping out to speed up the metabolism. This leads to more calories spent.


Thanks to the fibers in its content, the oak gives the feeling of filled and provides the energy that you need for exercising. This accelerates the fat burning process.

Green Tea

The studies suggest that the caffeine and ketamine in green tea speeds up fat burning. In addition, it was proven that the green tea accelerates the metabolism and by preventing the buildup of fatty tissue, inhibits the formation of fat and decreases the absorption of fat. Green Tea, consumed 2-3 glasses a day accelerates the burning of fat.  

Hot Pepper

A substance called capsaicine, which gives the pepper its name, increases the metabolic activities at a rate of %23. Consuming at least 2 red hot peppers would result in a speed up of fat burning.


Once again, the studies show that the calcium in milk and dairy products increases the fat burning process and assists in weight loss. A daily dose of 1000-1300 mg of calcium would increase the weight loss two fold. This amount corresponds to 600 ml of milk.