The other announcement was the mid generation technology revision attempt of Sony, the PlayStation 4 Pro. And in this article, we will talk a little about the PlayStation 4 Pro. We will tell you why you need to purchase this console. Naturally, it is solely your choice to purchase or not to purchase this console however, it is also quite important that you read our article before you make your decision. Based on the reasons here, you may want to buy the console, as you may not want to do so still because of the same reasons.


1. Because of the technological specifications of the console

The first reason to purchase the PlayStation 4 Pro is the power that it holds. This console shall be packed with a better graphics card, an overclocked processor, a more powered Wi-Fi receiver and with some much better technologies. HDR and 4K resolution support are some of them. Thanks to those specs of the console, you will be able to play many games with upscale converted 4K and native 4K resolutions. Although the FPS figure is around 30 FPS in 4K games, many games that run in 1080p resolution will feature 60 FPS. And naturally, the improvements in the console will not only affect the resolution and FPS values, the in game graphics shall be better both with natural methods and with HDR.

PS4 Pro Devices

2. Because of the current Technological Devices that you have

Many of the technologies wonders that I indicated above will be related to the technological devices that you have right now. For example in order to experience 4K resolution and HDR support in your games, you will need a TV or Monitor that support those technologies. So, if you already have such a TV or monitor right now, you may think to purchase a PlayStation 4 Pro console. But what if you don’t have access to such technologies? What are you going to do? Let us explain it here right now.

PS4 Pro Game

3. Because of the current Technological Devices that you don’t have

Say that you don’t have a monitor or TV at your house that support 4K and HDR. Then what are you going to do? Will you not be buying a PlayStation 4 Pro? If you feel obliged not to purchase one, well, don’t. Even if you don’t have a 4K or HDR supporting TV, you will be able to harness the power of the console. 1080p and high FPS values shall be waiting for you next to the improved graphics. And if you want, you can buy a 4K and HRD supporting monitor or TV in the future. Especially if you want to buy a console and if you don’t have one already, or if you own an older console, you may jump straight to PlayStation 4 Pro. In this regard, purchasing a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Slim will not be a logical move.

PS4 New Game

4. Because of the fact that you don’t have a console and you want to buy a new one.

Actually the topic speaks for itself here. If you have a plan to purchase a new console, PlayStation 4 Pro is the best option that can think of. In this case, I suggest you to stay away from PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Slim. Because in my opinion, the best of what can be bought should be bought now. I also suggest you to wait until you don’t have the necessary budget. In addition, the Xbox One S also seems like a good option right now but as far as I remember, the Sony console comes with the promise of higher technologies that the Xbox One S.


5. Because of the PlayStation VR and the old PlayStation 4 games

Sony recommends the use of VR with the PlayStation 4 Pro. The reason behind this is that the PlayStation 4 Pro packs more power compared to PlayStation 4. And if you also love virtual reality and wish to experience a taste of VR with your console, now you have a reason to buy the newest console of Sony. In addition, it is also helpful to remind you that the old PS4 games may be updated for the new console and may come with 4K / HDR support as well.