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In USA, apart from talking on the phone,the use of electronic devices on aircrafts has also been set free including takeoffs and landings.

ipad on airplaneNEW YORK –USA Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced that the use of electronic devices on aircrafts including takeoffs and landings has now been free but “talking on the phone” isn’t still allowed. According to the security rules of the USA government, the ban on the use of electronic devices during takeoff and landing has been removed today. The press statement issued concerning to the subject included the following words of Michael Huerta, the administrator of FAA; “I commend the dedication and excellent work of all the experts who spent the past year working together to give us a solid report so we can now move forward with a safety-based decision on when passengers can use portable electronic devices on aircrafts”.

The decision was greeted with happiness by passengers and aviation companies. While aviation trade and industry group named A4A was welcoming the new decision taken by FAA, they announced that A4A and their members would cooperate with FAA about the usability safety of electronic devices.


The Implementation Can Take Time

With the new law, passengers will be free in many issues such as reading e-book, playing computer game and watching movie on aircrafts. According to the statement of FAA, there are still some restrictions about this issue, for example, passengers aren’t allowed to use electronic devices during the safety briefing given by hostesses or aircraft screens at the beginning of the flight.

In addition, mobile phones should be on flight mode or calling feature should be deactivated. It will also be compulsory to put electronic devices in the back pocket of the seats during takeoff in order not to cause any accident. Surfing on the internet, sending and receiving e-mail, sending written message or downloading data won’t be allowed under 10 thousand feet height (3048 m.).

Flight Seats

Talking On The Phone Isn’t Allowed

According to the new rules, passengers have gained important rights about the use of electronic devices. However, they haven’t still gained the right to talk on the phone. The applications of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) don’t still allow callings from the air. According to the statement of FAA, the use capacities of electronic devices will vary from one airline to the other. If the airline is enabling Wi-Fi service during the flight, electronic devices will benefit from the facilities of this system and short range Bluetooth accessories like wireless keyboard will also be used. However, some airlines won’t allow their passengers to use this service.

It is expected that many new airlines will harmonize with the new criteria but implementing them will take time. This time will vary from one airline to the other.