With decoration ideas for small living rooms, you can have a great living space. If you have a living room with small area, the decoration ideas are not restricted.

A small living room may turn into a larger and more comfortable area with big decoration ideas.

  • A seating group or an L – shape sofa?
  • Do we have to give up on our coffee table because of the lack of space?
  • Is it good to merge the TV table and the drawer chest?
  • How should the small living room decoration be?

If a small living room awaits you, you may get pretty confused while looking up for ideas. However, with some smart applications, you can increase the comfort and elegance of your living room. By applying color depth, using the light well and choosing the right furniture, you can expand your living room all without placing one single brick.

Small Living Room Design

For the decoration of small living rooms, plenty of light, simple lay out.

First of all, choosing smart furniture for the living room decoration is really important. If you buy only the furniture that you liked when shopping, there is a good chance that you will be disappointed when you come back home. When decorating a small living room; trying to obtain a simple lay out and setting will yield good results.

Light Living Room

Your living room, with a neat and simplistic lay out, will look wider. At the same time, you need to utilize the light very well to make your living room look more spacious and wider. For this reason, you can use light pastel colors on your walls. We suggest you refrain using large pieces of furniture not to block the light. To use the light well, it is better you use the blankets in bright colors.

Living Room Shapes

With multipurpose furniture that fits to the size of your living room, you can get a good decoration. When choosing your furniture, pay attention that the furniture complies with the dimensions and its pieces are multipurpose. For example, you can choose a coffee table model that you can also use as a storage area at the same time.

Modern Living Room

If you don’t want the middle coffee table make your living room look smaller, you can place one, made of glass or acrylic material. In this way, your coffee table will not divide your living room and will help the use of the light abundantly. If you especially want to create a modern sense of decoration in your living room, you can choose an elegant acrylic coffee table.

Using every bit of space correctly for the decoration of small living rooms

L- shaped sofas are good choices to utilize the space well. Before buying an L shaped sofa, you absolutely need to ensure that the piece fits to the dimensions of your living room. With an L shaped sofa that you purchase with right sizes, you get to use the blind corners correctly. If you do not prefer using L- shaped sofas, you can place small tables in the corners. In this way, you get to utilize the area as much as possible when decorating your small living room.

Black Living Room

The shelves that you use on the wall plates will provide an elegant ambience with the accessories. Meantime, those shelves will double as a storage area for your books, collections and other items.

Samples of Small Living Rooms

Instead of using the TV set and the drawer chest, using both of them in combination may prove a solution. You can choose models that can be used as both a drawer chest and a TV table.

Small Brown Living Room

On the other hand, you can have a custom solution that is comprised of a TV table and a drawer chest that fits to your wall built for your living room. You can place your TV onto your chest and you can add few books next to both sides of the chest. With few decoration tricks, you can make your living room look wider than it is. For example, with a painting that will reflect the light and a large or few smaller mirrors, your living room will look roomier and larger than it really is.

White Small Living Room

With decoration ideas for small living rooms, you can create sophisticated living areas. We bring elegant examples of decoration ideas for small living rooms that you can draw some inspiration before you. The examples will inspire you.

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