CS:GO Weapons Guide

Choosing your weapon in a FPS game, even in the Counter Strike, which is a pioneer in this regard, is one of the most important choices to be made. Even if you have the most expensive weapons skins and the full self confidence, you will be like attacking a master with a sling shot unless you know the weapon types well. Choosing the right weapon and aiming properly are highly important on the way to become a CS:GO master. In this guide, we will explain you the weapon types instead of giving you the full accounts of each weapon.



Desert Eagle was considered as the best pistol until the 1.23.13 update arrived. After the efforts towards weakening the pistol, now P250 seems to take its place. With a P250, you can shoot faster at your opponents with less recoil. While using this gun, you need to move like you are playing quake.

P250 vs Deagle

The bullets are not as effective as the Deagle but thanks to its swiftness and ability to place more accurate shots on the target, this gun will inflict more damage than the Deagle.


During the eco rounds, meaning that the rounds, in which your team saves money, you may want to purchase shotguns. Since a shotgun gives you more kill bonus when you kill someone with it, the shotgun may be very handy in eco rounds. If you win the gun round, you can purchase a shotgun for rounds 2 and 3 and may still save money for afterwards.


The players, who purchase AK right from the second round, generally waste their funds. In rounds, in which you can buy a P90, don’t be shy on spending your money and get the P90. If you haven’t taken anyone down or if you are saving money for the AWP; you may also want to buy an MP7. Also if there is a weapon in the possession of the opponent team that you laid your eyes on, purchasing a shutgun until you obtain it may also be a good idea.

Rifles and recoil control

Now we have come to the main point. In CS:GO, the effect of the recoil is far less compared to the older CS games. In CS:GO, timing seems to be important. This means instead of single shot, choosing burst fire is better in some weapons.

Waming Map CS:Go

If you are using an AK-47; you can inflict more damage to your opponent if you fire 2-3 rounds or 3-5 rounds if you are using an M-4.  For bullet spraying method, you can watch Youtube videos.


Finally we have come to the AWP, which is desired by all Counter Strike Players but is used properly by only a few. We suggest you practice the tactics that we give you about the AWP in an empty map. The AWP is a real power. However, it takes time to get used to it.

Most Expensive AWP Skin

You may also become a formidable AWP player with the tips that we will give you here. First of all, turn off the zoom when you are running. in this way, you will move faster  and you will have a better vision of your surroundings.

If you really need to move, switch to your sidearm and get rid of the urgency to turn of the secondary zoom. With the Stop & Shoot tactic that we mentioned earlier, you can also made the opponent team react like “this dude is cheating” with the AWP. Just be patient and make a lot of practice.