CS:Go Guide

No matter your rank is, either a Silver 1 or an MGA, never start playing a game without warming up. Just getting up from the bed than jumping straight to the fierce competition may not be beneficial for you.

Waming Map CS:Go

Get some friends. Entering a match on your own may lead to encounters with the Russian trolls or toxic players, who wish to kick you out. Find a group at least manned by 3 people so that somebody who can perform drops on you or somebody, with whom you can cover the perimeter would always be present. Use different weapons.

CS:Go Trolls

You cannot continue playing with AWP – M4A1 duo at all times. Use Famas , Galil and try even the eco round pistols. ( TEC9Five-seven etc.) Switch between M4A1 and A4 as well as USP and P2000. Especially finding a pistol that suits you best may be beneficial in pistol rounds.

M4A4 or M4A1

Watch the professionals. Players like KennyS, Jw,Olofmeister have a ton of aspects that can be taken as examples. Download training maps. They will help you both for aiming and for spraying control.

CS GO Major KennyS

Especially the rookie players cannot resist changing the magazines whenever they can. However you need to learn to resist to this urge. Because the time that is spent by changing a mag in CS:GO varies between 2 to 4 seconds for the majority of the weapons. But this time is more than enough for your enemy to hunt you or to allow the enemy to slip through and area under your protection.Even more important than this is that the players, who possess good sound systems, may hear you while changing mags. Imagine that you just encountered with the enemy. Would you want to be in a position, where you can take him down with ease with a half loaded mag or to be in a position, where you are the prey with a full magazine. Don’t underestimate your situation even if you have 4-5 bullets left in your magazine. Even if you hit an enemy apart from the head area with 3-4 bullets, this would be more than enough to kill him from a full health bar. If you are close to the end of a game, your enemies probably won’t have full health either.

magazine rifle

Stop making tricks.

Players love imitating the moves that they see from the other players in multiplayer games especially such as the Counter Strike. Players, who watch Twitch broadcasts, see the famous players and try to do what those famed players do but only a few actually think about why those moves are made in the way they are made. For this, try to think about the tactical aspect of the game and try to discover it before imitating the play styles in the new Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Cs:Go Virtus Pro Major

Grenades are not a must

Throwing hand grenades in Counter Strike games requires a special kind of practice. Especially calculating the point that the grenade will bounce and ensuring that it skips the corners and reaches to the enemy necessitates some practice in Counter Strike Global Offensive matches. For example if you play the Counter Strike Source version, in which the hand grenades inflict 72 damage points to armored enemies; you need to consider that you can inflict the same amount of damage with 2 mere rounds as well. If you cannot do, you really don’t have to push in impossible situations. For the practice, play a lot of games against the bots and throw a lot of grenades as well. You will see that you will improve in time.

Granade CS Go

Use pistols in pair with AWP

The pistols in Counter Strike Global Offensive are incredibly useful. Even though the AWP and the M4A1-S, which are two of the most selected weapons in the game, are fine rifles, in emergencies, a perfectly useful semi auto pistol such as the CZ75 will come to the rescue.

CS:GO cz275

Don’t walk crouching

Although it is a very old Counter Strike advice and especially when it is a habit while guarding the corners, stop crouching. Because when you crouch, someone, who was monitoring that corner may see your weapon first, your knees second and thus may kill you with ease. If you want to move around an object, monitor over your shoulders.