Hydra Cover

New updates have arrived to change the dull game that is in CS:GO. Discover many new features with the Operation Hydra.

Counter Strike, first appeared as the game engine in Half Life, has later become one of the most played games in the world. We witnessed that Counter Strike, which published numerous games has also become one of the most popular games in Steam with the advent of CS:GO.

The Counter Strike Global Offensive, which is published by the Valve, which also owns the Steam, announced its new event called the Operation Hydra. The weekly events are organized to change the rulebook of the game. Valve, which attempts to offer some changes for the players, who has been playing CS:GO for a long time, aims to entertain the players in long term by offering multiple changes. Players, who may be able to access to this update at the moment seem pleased. Now let’s take a look what kind of changes came within the scope of the event.

The Operation, called Hydra, contains new game modes in addition to the Hydra Cache. The innovations of the event, which is planned to last for 18 weeks (unknown whether this will be extended or not, the wildfire was not) include the following;

Game Modes

Game Mods

  • Wingman: A match, based on 2v2 events, in which the two person teams play on single bomb area. The format is the best of 16.
  • Weapons Expert: A 5v5, best of 16 match, in which each weapon can be purchased only once throughout the entire match.

Note: The two player gamne mode also has its own leaderboards and competitive ranking.

War Games

  • Modes that bring several elements to the basic entertainment mode. The next mode is determined at the end of the match as the result of the player voting.
  • Heavy Assault Suit: The mod that gives you option to purchase the Heavy Assault Suit in classic bomb disposal mode.
  • Headshots Only: A mode, in which only the headshots inflict damage.
  • Hunters – Gatherers: Similar to the “Kill Confirmed” mode of the Call of Duty, the mod where you score by picking up the dog tags of the fallen enemy or where you prevent other team to score in this manner.
  • Stab Stab Zap: A mode that contaişns recharging Zeus, knives and bombs.
  • The Flying Scoutsman: A mode in which the effect of the gravity is decreased and the accuracy is increased. Only SSG08 and knife can be used.
  • Tiger Discipline: A mode, in which every miss inflict damage the shooter.


Operation Hydra Cache

The cache, which contains the skins for 17 different weapons, will be granted to the owners of the Operation Hydra as they complete the missions. The gloves are the most valuable pieces of the cache.

Hydra Coins

Operation Hydra Coin

In addition to the standard bronze, silver and gold operation coins, a special diamond coin was added for those who completely finished the operation. (those who gained all stars)

You can upgrade the bronze ops coin to silver with 5 stars, to gold with 18 stars and to diamond with 25 stars.

Operation Hydra Review Video