Dust2 Guide and Tips

The Dust2 is a highly popular map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. So much that you will find yourself, with a probability of %70, in a Dust2 map when you join a simple casual match just for entertainment. As this is the case, we wanted to compile a guide that underlines the tips and tricks of the Dust2 map. We also added some general information about CS:GO. The Dust2 is a quite balanced map. Being in both teams has its own and well balanced pros and cons. I will come to those within the lines below. But first, let’s take a peek at the names of the sections on the map.

Dust2 Area Names

When you play for the Terrorist Faction

One of the greatest advantages of the Terrorist team is their ability to establish swift control over the mid-point of the map called the Mid right at the beginning of the game. If the team CT does not use their smoke grenades around the gates in the middle, the Terrorist Team may see how many people are rushing to point B, the bomb site and with the help of a little luck, they can throw out an early frag with AWP. The Terrorists usually send out 2 of their members to B tunnels and leaves one player at the T Spawn, who monitors the Mid area. One of the remaining players monitors the gates, leading to Long A area as the other one moves through the Catwalk area.

Tunnel Dust2


Terrorists always arrive at the Tunnels before the CT faction and preventing a possible pressure from Lower-tunnels and B area would be most beneficial for the team. After entering the tunnels, you can take a very slow look at B area if you feel brave enough. Or you can wait until the CT, who notices the noises, made by your teammates, starts moving towards area A. a player, who is monitoring the lower Tunnels may also check out the Mid area carefully or may warn his teammates in lower tunnel if he notices an AWP or another CT, patrolling around that area and together, they may throw a frag as well.



In the beginning of the game when you couldn’t have enough funds to purchase a long range weapon, it is not that important to leave a player, who defends the Mid, behind. Waiting in the beginning of the round and counting the number of CT’s rushing to B is one of the most important things. If you were able to get a Scout, AWP or SG; you may also you can also monitor the Mid Area for a bit longer or with some luck, you can throw few frags along the way. After a while, you can move to a position, where you can support your team with a long range weapon. Players usually rush to Mid then move through catwalk or they directly move towards Area A.

Dust2 Long

Long A

You can advance from Long A with your team by using the smoke and frag grenades. However, if you intent to do this alone, on your own, you need to be extra careful because the Long A is a place, where everything works in favor of CT. CT players may hide to the left side of the first gate, on the back of the blue barrel and into the pit. If you are advancing from Long A on your own, you definitely need to check those areas. But many CT players bait you to show up alone while waiting next to the wall up there with their long range rifles scoped up. Let’s assume you popped up like this after using a flashbang; now you can be taken down by a CT player, hiding at the corner by the car. Naturally there can also be CT players, who monitor Long A from the Bomb Area A. So as mentioned above, the Long A heavily works for CT and you need to be very careful when playing around this area. After overcoming the obstacles one way or another, we suggest you to cover under the bridge that leads to CT Respawn Area with a smoke grenade. The very first places to take a look afterwards will be the short and catwalk.

When playing with Counter Terrorist Faction

Many pro CT teams split their teams in a way that 2 members head to area B and 3 members rush to area A. The CT team will take control of the Long A, the half of the Catwalk and the Bomb Area B immediately.

Bomb Area B

It may be a good start to prevent the terrorists to see how many of you advance Area B. especially in the later rounds, throwing smoke grenades at the front of the Mid Gates in order to prevent the rifle optics to spot you will also be a logical move. After entering the Bomb Area B, you can defend the area from the backside of the area, from the window, through the car and by climbing onto the crates next to the tunnel gates. Also leaving a member behind may be useful for monitoring the terrorist activity through the catwalk. Since their heads would be clearly visible throwing out simple frags from there is also a possibility.

B Side Dust 2


While you defend the Bomb Area A from the catwalk, you may find several hiding spots, where you can see the enemy before they see you. You can prone next to the short stairs, you can move to the back of the baskets on the corner or you can advance to Mid directly. If you want to put up a safe game while still monitoring the Catwalk, you can take a look at the area from the back of the crates at the Area A and perform easy headshots. Another tactic is observing the Catwalk from the back of the Bomb Area with an AWP or from the area called goose on the map. In this way, you can monitor both the Catwalk and the Long A.

Long A

As we told you before, the CT team has superior control on Long A over the Terrorists. Hiding at the corner next to the burning car, hiding into the pit and waiting for the passing terrorists and jumping on top of the crate next to the pit can be listed as some of the possible game variations.