Ak-47 Guide

The AK – 47 is, arguably, one of the best automatic weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The most important feature of the rifle is its ability to kill off an enemy with a single bullet in the head or neck even if your opponent dons body armor. If you haven’t decided on which weapon you need to master on; the AK – 47 will be the right weapon of choice for the Terrorist faction. The AK – 47 is an incredible piece of weapon that can have the same impact from all ranges especially including the middle and long ranges.

The recommended gun acquisition method is acquiring the AK – 47 as your main weapon with the exception of the eco rounds when you do not equip the AWP. The AK – 47 is the most popular weapon CS:GO and many CT players also choose to pick up AK – 47’s from the ground by relinquishing their M-4’s if there are no AWP’s laying around.

Shooting Styles

Single Action / One Tap

Try to aim at the head area and pull the trigger only at once. After waiting for your dynamic crosshair to level, repeat this as fast as you can. As this style is most useful for the players, who are having hard time for bullet spraying; it also requires an above average hitting ability. Since the whole process would take no more than few milliseconds, you will be firing faster than you think.  You can master on this by shooting at a certain point on a wall continuously. Some players only use method with the AK Р47. Because the AK Р47 kills with a direct headshot under any and all conditions. However, many users utilize this method on various weapons as a method for long range skirmishes.


In order to exercise this method, we try to aim at the head area and shoot 2 – 4 bullets and stop. The initial 2 shots will land exactly on the spot where you aim due to the inherent characteristic of the AK – 47. However since the recoil will kick in subsequently, the projectiles will begin shifting upwards. Therefore, after shooting the first two rounds, you need to try to shoot at the subsequent two rounds at the center-mass of the opponent. You can practice this method on a wall. If you do not use a dynamic crosshair (which is not that popular anymore) keep the weapon at the shooting position in order to determine whether the recoil effect is over or not. When the weapon reverts back to its default position, the recoil will be over. This shooting method is quite effective in mid – range combat.


The AK – 47 burst a lot more bullets in spray mode compared to Update 1,6. However if you are involved in short range skirmishes and you face with multiple opponents, the spraying is a highly effective method. Although making a headshot is a bit harder to achieve, you will be able to kill your opponents in a moment. Since the recoil will kick in when you are spraying, the area that you aim should be shift to a lover level after the first few shots to compensate. That increases the chance for your bullets, which shifts upwards, to hit to the head area. You can see the pattern that you will take with your mouse in our section titled “the spray pattern and recoil compensation.”