Titanic Cover

Titanic, hitting an iceberg and sinking with numerous people on board has been one of the most touching tragedies that affected the humanity. But have you heard that there are confusing facts about the Titanic that would make you say no way? Here there are 8 of them for you.

Titanic was a manifestation of the advancement of the human technology at the beginning of XX. Century. For this reason, the ship was named as the “Titanic”. The word Titan was used for the children of the Greek Gods from humans. However, titanic hit an iceberg (there are also some studies that suggest otherwise) and sank on April 15th 1912. This event shocked the whole world. There are still some details that are shrouded in darkness 100 after years the event and some shilling facts.Here are some of them;

Titanic Last Music

 1. As the ship was sinking, the musicians began playing their instruments

When the Titanic collided with an iceberg, the captain ordered the musicians to play a performance in the mess hall in order to avoid a rush to the lifeboats by the passengers. They were to declare that the concert was over and then to say goodbye to the listeners when it would be definite that the ship would sank. However, the musicians changed their minds and they kept playing their instruments until going down along with the ship. Those who watched the movie is actually familiar with this detail.

Sink of Titanic

2 It took a long time for the Titanic to go down

Titanic was not sunk immediately after hitting the iceberg. Due to the fact that the ship was colossal in size, first the area, where was torn as the result of the collision began taking on water. After this, the whole ship went down slowly. The ship continued sinking for 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Titanic Lifeboats

3. There was no sufficient number of lifeboats on board

The ship was big enough to house 64 lifeboats. All of the passengers would have been saved if that number of lifeboats were on board. However, the ship was conceived as unsinkable and thus the designer of the ship allocated enough space to hold 20 lifeboats. Also each lifeboat had a capacity of 50 – 60 people. But only 20 people were allowed for each lifeboat during the evacuation. For this reason, many people perished horribly by freezing or drowning.

Baker of Titanic

4. Even the baker of the Titanic barely survived

The master baker of the ship, who deployed his men as the ship was going down to avoid the passengers to starve, had the rations ready. He was to be the captain of lifeboat 10. However when his work in the bakery was completed, all the lifeboats were launched. So the baker, who stayed at the bakery until the ship completely sank, emptied half a bottle of whisky for 40 minutes.  When the ship sank, the master baker did not feel the ice cold water thanks to the alcohol in his system. At the sunrise, he attempted to board on a lifeboat that he set his sights on.  But there was no space even at the edges of the lifeboard. He waited for hours clinging to the lifeboat with his waist down submerged in the water. At the end, he pulled through unscathed.


5. The ship, taught to be unsinkable was actually like it was designed to sink

The reason that the ship was dubbed as the “unsinkable ship” was the design of its sub sections. Its lower parts were designed as cells and chambers, isolated from each other. However there was a fault; the water was leaked from one chamber to another. Also one chamber completely filled with water first made one side of the ship extremely heavy thus pulled the ship down.


6. There was a passenger on board, who survived a shipwreck before

They say “A lightening does not strike the same place twice” but don’t take this very seriously. Raymond boarded one of two ship, which would race with each other until the Port of Montevideo on November 24, 1871. The ship that Raymond boarded couldn’t handle the rising heat and its boiler room exploded. 65 of 164 on board survived as the rest were burnt to death. After this event, Raymond swore not to set a foot on a ship but he couldn’t resist when he saw the Titanic. He purchased a ticket right away. But that time, his luck ran out.

Size of Titanic

7. The Titanic was colossal in size

This ship, true to his name, was very large. It was virtually a floating ship with the length of two football fields. The history of the humanity had not been witnessed a ship of this size up to that day. So it was perfectly understandable why people were enchanted when they saw this ship.

Real Titanic

8. Titanic will be completely vanished in 20 years

The titanic has been under the water for more than a century and it is getting rusted. A newly discovered bacterium named Halomonas Titanicae survives by eating this rust. If this continues, those tiny bacteria will eat way the wreck of the colossal ship and will completely devour it.