Shadow Giant Guide

During the WWI, large scale skirmishes occurred across various geographical regions and areas. The Battle of Selle in 1918, where the British Empire and the German Empire faced off each other now comes to our PC’s with the Battlefield 1.  With the latest update of the game, a new map titled “The Shadow of the Giant”, which depicts this battle was made available to us. In addition to this map and various in-game changes and developments, the grenade launcher crossbow is also one of the things that the update presented to us. In this guide, we will explain the details of the Shadow of the Giant map and will tell you the techniques that you can employ while you play this map. Naturally, the grenade launching crossbow will be amongst those we will discuss about. So without further due, let’s dive into our guide. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any point that you do not understand.

The Brand New Map of the Game – The Shadow of the Giant

The Shadow of the Giant, which will be the only new map until the “They Shall Not Pass” DLC to be published on March 2017, is just a wonderfully designed map. In this map, where the abundance of the open areas is balanced with particular objects, you will fight under the shadow of the debris of the Giant, a downed airship. So now let’s start discussing the details of the map and the methods that you may employ.


Map Information

EA and DICE stopped at nothing and provided us a huge map, full of details. Several different villages and the ruins of a colossal air ship shall be waiting for you. The airship, located at the center of the map will surely host a lot of skirmishes. However, it is up to you to choose this area or not. In any case you need to remember acting with your squad. For the Conquest Mode, the other bases in the map are evenly distributed to both sides of the debris. When the scenario plays out like this, both teams should make interesting moves and to take the bases at the enemy side of the Airship with team play.

If your team pays attention to such objectives and if you are the squad leader, you can mark those objectives and lead your squad and let the other squad leaders in your team to see your orders in their command screen. There are high grounds on the map, where the snipers may be nested. If you are a soldier from the Scout Class, you can take a position in the windmills or on the hills.  The fixed machine guns on the debris of the Airship will assist your team to hold a line along.

map info giant

Strategic Positioning

In the Battlefield 1, which is known for its strategy base features, no move should ever be random. As we discussed above, avoiding the insane battles around the Airship at the center of the map and heading to other objectives would be logical. If we talk about the conquest mode, the bases C and D at the center of the map are swing bases and can be taken easily. You can conquer those bases after a heavy assault that you carry out with your team but the moment you leave there, you will definitely lose them. At this point, you need follow the course of the game in order to be able to make a logical choice.

Adjust your position along with your squad and wait for the enemy teams to attack those bases. Afterwards you can march on to the enemy bases left undefended and can take out those bases with relative ease. In addition, you need to be careful about the hill close to Base F. If you are offensive side, you can pick up the enemy squads down the hill one by one. Due to the dynamic nature of the Battlefield 1, the advantage shall not be necessarily yours all the time. Therefore, you need to follow the course of the game as we mentioned earlier.

battlefield german sniper

The Infantry Tactics and the Vehicles

This map, where all four classes of the game can be effective, is on a level that allows all kinds of game styles. Have a fast paced action packed game if you wish, support your teammates as a behind the lines medic if you want. Although the members of the Assault Class seem to be a bit ineffective against the other classes due to their weaponry, this class manages to hold its own within closed spaces on the map. Medic, support, scout or assault; you can act on the class you like with comfort. There is one point that you need to remember; there are tons of open areas on the map and so you need to involve in long distance battles.

If we talk about the vehicles, let’s start with the biggest and the largest, the armored train. The armored train, which passes through the area right below the airship debris, is highly effective in this map because it is much easier to hunt down the targets at the open areas. In addition to the train, the planes, tanks, cavalry and light armored vehicles are available for us in this map. Especially due to the fact that Bases F and B can easily be dominated with the tanks, highlights the strength of those vehicles in this map. Since the bombers and hunter planes are capable of killing the armored vehicles or the infantry with ease, they are amongst the assault options that you may pick.

Have you met with the new Support class grenade crossbow?

The help has arrived to the Support Class, which has been at the crosshairs of the critics due to having weak and ineffective weapons, from the hands of the developers. With the latest Battlefield 1 update, a silent grenade thrower crossbow was made available for the players. The most important feature of this weapon, which resembles the grenade launcher of the medic class, is that it is silent…really silent. It makes it hard for the enemy to detect you. However, you should remember that you can only launch two grenades.

This weapon with a considerable range allows you to throw frag or high explosive grenades to the distances that are far greater than what you can throw by hand. With this weapon, which you will use for attacking to confined spaces or to areas, surrounded by walls, you can assist the advancement of your team and you can raise your score with multiple killsç thanks to its explosive properties, it is also possible to deal not only the point damage but also the area damage.

This weapon, which is similar to the “Phantom Bow” in Battlefield 4, as we stated above, can only be used by the Support Class. You can use this weapon, which is said to be designed based on the inspirations from several special weapons from the WWI, in a creative way. As a small example, you can wipe an entire enemy squad, defending a building with a single shot and therefore can be a big help to your team in this manner.