BT1 Operations

The game now welcomes us with huge operations, which are engaged by the battalions, not the small-scale skirmishes that we were used to from before. The Operations Mode that is a new comer for the Franchise, became one of the features of the game that we loved most. In this guide, we would like to explain you the particulars of this mode and we will tell you what you can do with it. We hope to answer all of your questions in this regard.

But what is the Operations Mode

For this mode, which debuts with Battlefield 1, it would not be wrong to say that it is a mix up of the Rush and the Conquest Modes. This mode, which is depends on the team play and the trench based warfare, opens the door for a large and epic experience for you. Without being limited to a single map, you fight in all maps in geographical areas, close to each other. In this mode, where you fight side by side with your brothers in arms, in a manner of speaking, you don’t only hold the line, you hold the entire theater.

First of all, lets talk about how you can access to this mode and what you need to do. You cannot, at least for now, access to the Operations Mode from the Servers sub-menu. You need to select the Operations directly from the multiplayer mode. As you would already notice, all matches that you join will be pretty crowded. When you open up this section, various operations with different names will pop up. You can choose the one you want and you can play in the geography of your liking.

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After selecting an operation, you need to decide on whether to join to a 48 or 64-person game. Naturally, that is your choice to make but when both teams are made up of 32 players, the combat is much more gory and realistic. After doing all those things, you should be in the game right now. The first thing to do in Operations Mode is signing up to a squad. Not joining a squad is understandable to a degree in other mode but in operations mode, that is just not possible.

The general workings of the operations mode

The players, who are acquainted with the Rush Mode will easily get used to the Operations Mode as well. Each one of the map comes divided into a certain number of sectors. Each sector hosts 2 or 3 bases and the attacking side is required to take control of all bases. Otherwise, that side fails to conquer the sector and naturally, you lose. The losing, on the other hand, is not that simple and when you lose once, depending on which map you are playing in, you are granted a Dreadnought, an airship or an armored train.

You have two more attempts to unleash an attack using those gigantic vehicles. Until your attempts are depleted, you need to capture the bases and from the bases, the sectors, themselves. However, remember that you only have three squads. That means that your team only has a certain number of rights to respawn. When all the rights are used up, you lose the game. When viewed from this aspect, everything seems in favor of the defending side. But let’s take a look at the situation from that perspective.

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You need to protect your trenches under the fire of an enemy airship or an armored train. It is imperative that you have a squad because sometimes the areas that you respawn in can be limited. Respawning in a trench that is about to be captured may be highly risky. If you are ready to sacrifice yourself for your sector, now that is something else. In addition, the attacking team will have more armored vehicles then you, so in general, you will be facing with several giant machines that you need to counter.

The things that you need to do as the defending side

In addition to what we indicated above, it is time for some detailed tactics. First of all, let’s talk about disabling the huge enemy vehicles. When you repel the initial attack of the enemy team, you will see a titanic vehicle ahead. Whether it is a Dreadnought or an Armored Train, you cannot continue fighting further unless you destroy it. The easiest way to do this is using a Tank, an Aircraft or an AA gun, depending on the situation. Never underestimate the stationary weapons.

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Since you are in WWI, you are also in the stage, where the chemical weapons were used for the first time. If the enemy is about to capture one of your trenches, you may throw a gas bomb up there or may incinerate them all with a flamethrower. Don’t forget, if you lose all two or three trenches within an area to the enemy, you also lose the entire sector and you are forced to withdraw to the other sector. During that withdrawal, you also suffer losses and lose time when respawning.

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It is also vital to choose the right class in Operations Mode. For example, the support class, which is equipped with a mortar, becomes crucial in this mode. This weapon, which is perfect for ravaging a group of hostiles, attacking to your trenches or for destroying an armored vehicle that is trying to disarrange a friendly unit, is highly effective. The heavy machine guns, fixed to the trench structures, are also ideal to stop the enemy raiders. You need to determine from which side you will commence your defense by yourself.

The things that you need to do as the attacking side

Your main goal as the attacking side is capturing all enemy bases and in this way, clearing out all sectors. The most important thing that you need to pay attention to while doing all this is the remaining number respawn rights in your team. In order to keep this number at a normal level, you need to conquer the enemy bases and sectors. Naturally you will win the game once you accomplish all this. Therefore, even a single person may change the fate of the game.

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Another point in this regard is that sometimes you need to compete in one or two of the huge maps of Battlefield 1. The bad thing here is that you need to conquer the bases and sectors once again when you switch from one map to another. In fact we cannot say this is bad, because the purpose of the Operations Mode is to reflect the real war, not like a vanilla mode. That means that the skirmishes will not be short. You should skip this mode if you do not have time.

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Since the number of armored vehicles and planes that you may have in the Operations Mode is limited, you need to be careful in this regard. Although the number of such vehicles is higher than the opposing team, you need to use them correctly. That means randomly bombing all over the place by selecting a bombardier when the enemy is located somewhere that you cannot land a hit, does not change a thing.