BT1 Scout Class

Scout class weaponry

If you want to analyze a class in detail, the first thing that you have to do is taking a look at their arsenal. Those weapons, which are pretty powerful in middle and long ranges, help you take down an enemy in a single shot. Before talking about their types, let us list all marksman rifles at once. Russian 1895, Gewehr 98, SMLE MKIII, Gewehr M.95, M1903 and Martini-Henry will be waiting for you with their respective variants. The trench, sniper, carbine, infantry and experimental variants bring additional features to their respective weapon. That means, we can say that the customization of the Battlefield 1 is the weapon variants. Don’t worry, we will brief you shortly on how you will decide on the weapon type and variant.

BT1 Scout

To talk about the service pistols, M1911, P08 Pistol, Mle 1903, C93, NO. 3 Revolver, Kolibri, Mars Otomatik, Bodeo 1889 and Frommer Stop will be at your disposal in the game. Here, we will discuss about how you will be able to select the pistol that suits you the most. Each pistol has its own pros and cons. Those pros and cons that you can display from the table at the up right when you switch to equipment customization section, show which pistol you will select. For example, if you can also aim well in close range, you can choose a revolver and so can kill an enemy before you are out of bullets. If you like moving swiftly but if you can’t land a hit for your every shot, choose a pistol with high magazine capacity.

Scout List
– SMLE MKIII Sharshooter
– Gewehr 98 Marksman
– Gewehr 98 Sharpshooter
– Gewehr M. 95 Rifleman
– Gewehr M. 95 Sharpshooter
– Russian 1895 Marksman
– Russian 1895 Rifleman
– SMLE MKIII Carbine

Now its time to come the most important part about the weapons. Choosing the sniper rifles based on their look or in a random manner is a very wrong move. Although such rifles are similar to each other in terms of the damage they deal, there are also other factors that may impact your gameplay. For example, if you neglect the muzzle velocity of a projectile, the moment that you pull the trigger may already be too late. Another element that you have to check upon the sniper rifles is the clip capacity. If you have a low capacity clip, you get a limited number of opportunities to kill an enemy. The last feature that we will talk about is called the “sweet spot”. For each sniper rifle, there is a range envelope that enables the rifle to inflict the maximum damage damage. By checking all weapons from the customization section and opting for the range envelope that you usually engage in combat, you can take down your enemies with a single shot.

Equipments of the Scout Class

Battlefield 1 also comes with a wide range of equipments. As a scout, you have all the necessary tools to make the perfect shot. Lets see this part of our guide by listing the equipments that you have. Flares, K bullets, spotting scope, trench shield, helmet decoy, High Explosive Trip Wire Mines, trip wire gas bomb and trip wire incendiary bomb are at your disposal as a member of the scout class. This list, which contains the equipments that you can use in a highly tactical manner, may have the highest level of functionality in the game.

Scout Soldier

If you are not that mobile and if you want to hunt your enemies by ambushing them one by one from the best vantage point available, we reserved this section for you. The Explosive Trip Wire Mines and the trench shield would be the most suitable equipments for this game style. While protecting yourself from the fire barrage of your enemies you can continue hunting down the troops from the enemy squad. Also you won’t have to protect your back. You can finish an enemy by setting up a mine at the end of the stairs or just at the back of the rock or at least you get alerted in the process. However, these are only our suggestions; it is up to you to choose the most suitable equipment for your style.

If you want to do justice to the name of the scout class and if you want to kill the enemy while watching them, this section is for you. Best things that you can do in this regard are to choose one of two flare types and using the K bullets. The brighter flare temporarily blinds the enemy that come into your way while the observation flare uncovers the enemies within an area and marks them on your map. The K bullets are used to damage to enemy armored units. Since the damage that you can inflict is not that high, the best thing that you can do is shooting at them with certain periods in order to prevent them to repair their vehicle.

General Information about the Gameplay

As a trooper from the scout class, marking the enemy is a large portion of your task. If you decide to act as a team, you do not have to kill all the enemies on your own. Provising information about the location of the enemy or warning the squad about an incoming enemy armor is also highly important. Therefore, the name of this class comes as the scout, not the sniper. At this point, the communication with your squad mates becomes important and you need to be in contact with them. In addition, using the maps to your own advantage and situating yourself in a beneficial manner based on the terrain is as important as ever for the members of the scout class.

BT1 Scout Gameplay

The game mechanics, improved with the Battlefield 1 enables the scouts to be a larger role in the game. For example, because of the fact that your weapons are not that balanced in close in combat, you can attack on your enemy with your bayonet. Also, getting use to utilizing your side arm is another key point. The enemy closes into you very fast and if you cannot aim with your sniper rifle, what you need to do is donning your sidearm and fire at your enemy like that. And the thing is when you mastered the scout class, your aiming will be improved as well and you will be able to land hits on your opponents with much ease.

Our last tips for the game depend on the effects that come with the realism of the game. As your projectile advances in the air, its altitude decreases, meaning that it drops gradually. Also the projectiles that cannot keep their muzzle velocity up, may not reach their target instantly. In such cases, aiming slight in front of the target, especially for the moving targets may help you solve the problem a bit. We cannot ignore the fact that some skills only come with experience.