Battlefield 1 Assault Class

We will take a closer look at the Assault Class that is known by its ability to destroy the enemy armor easily and by crushing down the enemy in middle and close range combat situations. We will give you the details of the weaponry, equipments and the overall gameplay of the Assault Class that the Battlefield 1 offers to us. With this guide, we aim to help you being more effective and successful in the game. So lets cut to the chase and begin to our guide.

Assault Class Weaponry

The Assault Class, which is the most effective class of the game against the armored vehicles of the game, is also the choice of the player who want to play the game in fast pace. Using the weapons of the Assault Class, with which you can take down your enemies in middle and close range combat with ease, is also highly entertaining. Dominate your enemy with your shotguns that you can use in urban environments as well as with your rifles that you can rapidly traverse the environment when equipped with. You will have access to Model 10-A, M97 Trench Backbored, MP 18, Automatico M1918, 12g Automatic and Hellrigriel 1915. With their variants (Slug Shot, Hunter, Sweeper, Trench, Experimental, Optical, Storm, Extended and Backbored) you can opt your weapon as you want.

BT1 Assault Class

Before giving you some tips about the combinations, lets also list your side arms. M1911, P08 Pistol, Mle 1903, C93, No.3 Revolver, Kolibri, Gasser M1870, Howdah Pistol and 1903 Hammerless. You need to choose the suitable sidearm – rifle duo solely based on your gameplay style. For example, if you are a fan of quick fire and want to switch one enemy to the other, you can choose a high-speed weapon. If you don’t want to be in a desperate situation in an emergency when you have insufficient ammo in your weapon,    you can opt a high capacity pistol with serial fire capability. Naturally you also need to check the damage and accuracy stats of the weapons. You can do that from the equipment customization section from up-right side.

As we mentioned here, the weapons of the Assault Class can generally be used effective in middle to close range. Therefore, you need to know your limits and should not act as a soldier of the Scout Class. Battlefield 1 is a dynamic game. Especially the accuracy of the shotguns will exponentially decrease as the distance between you and your target grows. You should be careful about this and should not pull the trigger before coming to a proper distance. Those weapons that can take down an enemy with full health with a single shot are extremely powerful when used right. The automatic rifles on the other hand, generate a lot more recoil unlike the others. So you cannot keep your fire constant even with a rifle, developed for constant fire.

Assault Class Equipments

With a highly specialized set of equipments, designed to disable or destroy the armored vehicles, you can take your team to the victory. You have so much explosive that it is not that hard for you to destroy the buildings, the other structures or terrain formations.  You can shape the map as you wish and you can open up your own path. TNT, anti tank grenade, anti tank mine, anti tank rocket gun will test the limits of your imagination. The Assault Class, which is highly effective although not having a wide range of equipments, tends to undertake tasks that are very different from the other team members. Especially in modes such as Rush, in which you need to protect an area for a short period, keeping the Armored Vehicles at bay is very important.

BT1 Equipment

With the new destruction mechanic opportunities of the Battlefield 1, this class, packed full of explosives instantly comes to the forefront. If you think that a structure is occupied by the enemy units, you can equip some TNT and just blow the whole structure away. This method, which is as spectacular as it is effective, may cause people to get angry with you. In the same manner, if you are advancing in an open field and receive sudden barrage of enemy fire, you can just toss a TNT ahead and you can wait inside the hole that you just blew open until the enemy fire ceases. How well you will use the destruction or forming opportunities depends on your imagination.

If we come to the main goal of the Assault Class, we need to talk about destroying the enemy vehicles. In the situations especially when you use the anti tank grenade and anti tank rocket gun, the adrenaline levels spike. Since you need to prone in order to use the AT rocket gun, you need to position yourself well. It is also important to change your location after taking the shot because the enemy would start looking for you instantly. The AT grenade should also be the choice for fast moving players but you may not inflict sufficient damage to a vehicle with full health. The AT mines require mastering, unfortunately, it is hard to be effective with them without getting used to them.

Information Regarding the General Gameplay

Your very reason of existence as a soldier of the Assault Class is engeging in hand to hand combat and spearheading the attacks. Unfortunately, the Assault Class is not your class if you like playing without engaging in the combat. If you want to be a good Assault Class soldier, the first think you need to do is improving your reflexes. Since you will see a lot of close quarters combat, you may not always be able to guess where the enemy will attack. You have to pull the trigger at the right time or you should be the one doing the first attack with your melee weapon. Otherwise you will receive a score to your death stat and may cause your team losing its edge.

While mentioning the melee weapons, we would like to remind you that those tools are a large part of the game. Once again by taking your gameplay style into consideration, you can choose a fast but weak weapon or a clunky but powerful weapon. For example, the club is quite clunky however it kills when you hit someone. The Battle Assault Knife is very fast but you need to land several hits to your opponent for the kill. You also need to use the bayonet attack mechanic, introduced with Battlefield 1, constantly. When you are out of ammo or if you need to make the ultimate sacrifice, yourself, don’t forget this mechanic.

Battlefield 1 Dynamic

From the beginning of this article, we have actually been mentioning the very last point that we will talk about now; the players of the Assault Class should be on the move at all times. Your weaponry and equipments are not sufficient for just camping at a point and controlling the entire game from there. So, you need to do your part and lead the way for your team. As long as keeping the subject, we mentioned here, in mind, both your class and character points will promote in a fast pace.