Battlefield1 Calavry Class

The Cavalry, which is the strongest units of the open beta by far, is now balanced in the full version in a way that would not spoil the gaming experience; at least that is what the developers claim. In this guide, we will talk about all the characteristics of the cavalry units and will answer the questions you wonder. We will also explain how you can utilize all of your equipments, ranging from your majestic friends, the horses, to your sword in the best possible way. Before jumping to the topic, let’s make a reminder; please do not forget to tell us if you have a topic that you want us to create a Guide via our contact information.

BT1 dynamite

Ride your majestic friend as best as possible

In order to prove all players, enemy or foe, that you are a master cavalry, you need to ride your horse well. What you can do with your sword or gun is limited with what you can do with your horse. The horses in Battlefield 1 are pretty durable and they can stand against the bullets. Since they are larger than the soldiers in size, they can even be utilized as a shield. Position yourself well and make the enemy aim at your horse, not at you.

The horses, just like the vehicles, may drag the soldiers that they hit, far from the battlefield. In case there is a target that you cannot shoot with your gun or cannot hack with your sword, try to ram him by riding your horse straight to him. The horses, which are as fast as they are strong, may also help you to dodge bullets or to close in the distance between you and your enemy. Try to ride your majestic friend as best as possible and try to utilize all of its features.

Draw your sword and slice your enemies into half.

The sword, which is a close quarters combat weapon, have been a companion to the soldiers. The swords, which may take out an enemy with a single blow unlike the other close quarters combat weapons, are also vital for the cavalry units. Your sword, which has quite a long range, will be your main melee weapon that you will use against the enemies close by. Use the range of your one hit – kill sword well and combine it with the speed of your horse to regress from the combat without getting any damage.

The weapons with one hit – kill ability are not welcomed well by the players in general. That off course depends on what side you are. The words, which are much longer compared to spades and batons, enables you to attack on targets at a distance of 1 – 1,5 meters while mounted. In addition to being used as a close quarters combat weapon when you dismount, the swords are the best in cavalry duels.


 Use your weapon even while you are on move

Russian 1895 Rifleman is one of the weapons that the Cavalry units may use. This highly powerful and accurate weapon enables you to hit tiniest targets even when you are moving. The negative aspect of this rifle, which is very accurate, compared to the standard infantry rifles is its clip capacity.  Very low clip capacity slows you down when you reload the clips especially on a mounted position.

BT1 Horse

While closing the distance with the targets afar, you may also prevent them to stick their heads out of their trenches by opening up suppressing fire. Such rifles that you cannot aim with while your horse is galloping, become as effective as the sniper rifles when you slow down. One of the best tactics that you can use is slowing down, shoot at your target and then rapidly accelerate again. Do this over and over again. Determine your game style and decide on your moves.

The things that a soldier from the cavalry class needs to do

Your job, as a cavalry is focusing on the objectives by using your strength and speed. You need to help your squad as much as possible but you need to avoid risking your life by diving into the center of the battle. With the Battlefield 1, the vehicles are effective than ever before and so they can change the tide of the game when used correctly. You need to use your horse not only for going from point A to B but also for changing the course of the battle.

Battlefield 1 Horse Power

Your speed and the power of your weapons are ideal to neutralize the enemy infantry, who advance in the openings. While closing in on the enemy units, open up suppressing fire by using your rifle and force them to hide. A hit that you land with your sword would waste a regular soldier. Who said one man cannot change the tide of the battle? That is what the Cavalry has made throughout the ages.