Battlefield 1 Dynamic

After the detailed descriptions of the single and multiplayer modes of the Battlefield 1, we began getting some idea about the general workings of the game. The destruction logic that covered some of the large structures in Battlefield 4 was removed and instead, everything that you see was designed to be destructible.  From a stone made bridge that you walk on, to a windmill, you can demolish.

Battlefield 1 Windmill

In addition to all, the dynamic weather conditions will also be waiting for us in the new Battlefield 1. For example, while playing in desert Sinai, you can experience weather in one round and may encounter with a dust storm in another. In this guide, we will tell you how you will use the maps for your own benefit according to the destruction mechanics, terrain and dynamic weather conditions.

Battlefield 1 Game Mode

Reach your goal by devastating the environment

If you want to kill an enemy soldier, to blow up an enemy armor or to capture an objective, you need to cause mayhem. You can blow up the buildings, bridges or even the roads by using tanks, anti tank weaponry, grenades or explosive devices. If you want to have an advantages position against the opponent, blast something and create your own trench.

The very first thing that you need to do if you are under a torrent of fire at a plain field, is checking whether you have any explosives in your inventory. Talking about the best case scenario, you can immediately toss a dynamite create a hole on the ground. Then you can in it. Your ability to shape the terrain is not limited with this either. For example if two hills are connected by a rocky pass, you can also blow up such a pass although it would probably require a bit more explosive.

BT1 dynamite

With the introduction of Battlefield 1, the balance between the armored vehicles and the infantry changes a bit. Now, the troops, running away from the armor should be much faster and alert than ever. If you notice a unit from the enemy assault troops, do not hesitate to turn the barrel of your tank gun to that direction and to fire. If you are an infantry unit as well, you can breach in from the walls by blowing them and thus make a grand raid.

Battlefield 1 Game

Do not forget the nature when deciding on your strategy

The maps of the Battlefield franchise have always been detailed and rich. You need to use the geographical formations in the maps to have a better position against your enemy and you need to guess where your enemy might be. Before a bullet, fired from atop a hill in front of you, hits you, you can take cover by estimating that the enemy is up there. While you are using the cover of forest and bushes to hide yourself, you can also benefit from the weather conditions.

BT1 Weather

The nature has been the main element that shaped the humanity since its dawn. In the battlefield, you also need to remember utilizing and benefiting from the natural terrain formations, trees and the plant cover. You need to use the proper camouflage by taking the map that you use and where you will usually be at that map into account. The hills and pits in the maps are the ideal trench points to get a good cover against the enemy. Remember to use them.

Getting a good vantage point against the enemy in the maps, which feature woodlands and wetlands, is easier. You can hunt an enemy one on one in close range by hiding within the dense forest cover or you can lay an ambush for your enemy by diving into water. You also need to pay attention to certain points in the maps such as the high points or strategic areas and you should not allow the enemy to get a grip on such points.

Battlefield 1 Game

Benefit from the dynamic weather conditions

One of the biggest changes that the Battlefield 1 offers us is the dynamic weather conditions. While one map features multiple weather conditions, they occur absolutely randomly. For example, when the fog descends, the sniper and scouts have hard time to do their job.  However, the work of the close range assault teams becomes easier as ever. You need to change your game style according to the weather conditions.

When you encounter with the weather conditions such as the fog and the dust storms, the last thing that you need to do is focusing on long-range combat. Remember, your enemy will get as much advantage as you get. While guarding your tank against the long-range attacks, you may miss an enemy infantry right in front of you.

Battlefield 1 Game Maps

Along with the weather conditions that have an impact on the gameplay, the Battlefield players are forced to become dynamic themselves. There is no better experience than feeling like playing each map for the first time all the time. But, in any case, you just try to memorize the weather conditions in each map. It’s up to you to benefit the strategic opportunities that the maps offer.  Its your choice to get help from the nature or to demolish everything.