Battlefield 1 Guide

In this guide, in which we will dissect from the most basic elements to some levels of details, addresses to the newcomers to the multiplayer mode of Battlefield 1.

Let’s take a look at the game modes

I told you that we would start from the basics of the game. The most basic element of the multiplayer modes is the game types. If you want to join into a game, first of all you need to know what you are going to do in that mode. As an example, your priority should be the missions, given to you by your squad, capturing the locations and preventing the enemy to capture such locations if you are playing the Conquest Mode. In this mode, no matter whether you kill 30 players without being killed a single time, any player, who follows the objectives, can outscore you even if he / she is constantly killed without killing any player. Your main goal in this mode is reaching to 1.000 points. Naturally, those points are accumulated by capturing the locations. The more locations you capture, more points you get. Don’t forget about that.

battlefield 1 operations

Another play mode in the game is the Rush. Compared to the rush mode in the previous Battlefield titles, the Battlefield 1 Rush mode is a bit different. In this mode, you attack while you also defend. Apart from the defensive side, who needs to protect certain locations, the attacking side does not have infinite lives. And this feature is a newly added one to the game. There is a certain number of re-spawn ability, given to you by the game. You need to attack both locations and to capture without using up those re-spawns. So this mode also requires you to follow the objectives. Constantly killing the members of the opposing team would not always help your team in a general sense.

The War Pigeons mode is a new addition to the franchise with the Battlefield 1 and it is actually quite funny. In this mode, which requires a great team spirit, first you need to capture a bird. After capturing the bird, you need to be stationary somewhere so that you can write a note to the bird. After this short period is up, you need to find an open space and need to release the bird. The bird then hovers around for 5 seconds and it flies off to deliver your message. And for that 5 seconds, the enemy can shot that bird down and can deny you. Therefore, it is imperative for you to defend the bird after releasing it. In order to win the game, you need to complete this task 3 times.

battlefield german sniper

The next mode is called the Team Deathmatch. That is rather a classical game mode. The party, which kills 100 players from the opposing party, wins. So your sole objective in this mode is killing off the opposing team. The other mode is dominion. As a matter of fact this mode is similar to the Conquest but the map is smaller and the teams are limited. In addition, you are required to collect 100 points instead of 1.000 points. If you consider that the conquest mode plays last around 30 minutes, this is what you are looking for if you are looking for rather a shorter mode, where you can rapidly get into the action.

Prepare for the Operation

This may be a new topic but so as the game mode that we will talk about right now. That is a significantly large, long and entertaining game mode. The name of the mode is “The Operations” Actually this mode combines the Conquest and Rush mode. In this operations mode, you can select four different operations. No matter which map you choose, your mission remains unchanged, there are two sides, one side attacks while the other one defends. The defensive side holds certain points for defense and as the attacking side conquers the areas, the defensive side withdraws until their main point. While the defensive team has unlimited opportunities, the attacking team has three attempts and they are required to capture and conquer all points with those given three attempts. The game, as the occasion requires, may grant special vehicles, tanks or the Behemoth to the team that is falling behind.

battlefield 1 wars

What makes the operations mode special is that the game may last up to 3 hours. And there is also a small scenario in each operation. Depending on the course of the game and on the winning side, the narrative may change. This feeling in the game is unique and you can really have a serious taste of battlefield.

Do Your Duty If You the Squad Leader

bt1Being squad leader actually works much more than displaying a star next to your name. a squad leader may issue orders to his / her teammates and if you are one, do not forget to do so. As an example, in capture the flag games, you can mark any two areas with a very easy to do two moves and everyone in your squad can see it easily. If your squad mates are not blind, they should take notice of the mark and should attack that designated area.  In this way, you can put up a much better team play.

You Need the Know the Physics of the Old Weaponry

In FPS games, it is usually sufficient to fire at your enemy in order to kill them. However, that is not the case in Battlefield 1. Now you have a rather realistic FPS game at your hands and most of the weapons work in different manners. It is completely your job to figure this out but at the heart, if your enemies move, you need to shoot at the track of your enemies not at them directly. You can shoot them in this way. Since the projectile velocities and the damages that they inflict at certain distances are different, this system may confuse you at the beginning.

battlefield 1 weapons

Now its time for a little tip. If you completely out of ammo and if there is no other player to fetch you some, however if there is a horse around, just mount on that horse. When you mount on, all weapons are reloaded. And that is a little horse magic.