Battlefield 1 Tanks

We analyze the pros and cons of the armored vehicles

The World War 1 was a seminal conflict that broke many grounds in various aspects. In addition to many light armored vehicles, the precursors of the modern tanks that we know of today were introduced first by this war. Those colossal machines, built to cruise across the trenches swiftly and to kill the enemy soldiers, hiding within them, became a nightmare in the battlefield. The armored vehicles that play significant roles in the mission of Battlefield 1, which itself offers us the WWI with a very high sense of realism, are able to change the tide of the game. We will take a closer look at many vehicles that we are introduced with Battlefield 1 and we will provide you important information in this regard. So let’s cut to the chase and let’s get started with our guide, which will explain you the armored vehicles with details.

BT1 Train

Heavy Tanks

Those gigantic heavy armored machines, also dubbed as the “Moving Fortresses” by the soldiers, may even be your way of breaking out from the areas, under enemy siege. Although having less firepower compared to other tank types, their durability and interesting weapons such as the flamethrowers bring them into the forefront. The only downside of those tanks, which are ideal especially for the urban maps, is being bulky and very large.

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The heavy tank that may house six soldiers including one driver is also ideal to rescue your allies, who may be trapped in cross fire. Those machines, that show off in maps that host middle and short-range skirmishes can even sweep off the enemy combatants in narrow street corners with ease. The first element that you need to pay attention while driving your tank is to keep as many machine guns as possible in a position facing towards the enemy.

Since your firepower is somehow limited compared to the other varieties of tanks, you need to utilize it as much as you can. The flamethrower that you can add by customizing your tank will help you get rid of your enemy in confined areas. The second element that you need to pay attention is that your tank is overly clumsy and is a very big target. You need to choose your path very carefully and you need to avoid the attacks of the soldiers from the Assault Class.

The Landships

This tank type that we have a chance to play in the Scenario Mode of the game is highly balanced and works for almost all kinds of skirmish. They have a rather balanced firepower and speed compared to other tanks and thanks to this; they assist you in executing your plans, made according to the dynamic structure of the Battlefield 1. The driver takes control of a machine gun and a pounder (A mortar type cannon). Thus, you are able to decimate the marked target in distant points.

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The landships that can be manned with 3 soldiers including the driver look totally majestic in the battlefield. While repelling the enemy attacks with the guns, located on both sides, you can also cut down the soldiers of an incoming enemy squad with your machine gun. It is safe to say that the weakest point of those tanks is their track, which breaks into pieces with ease.  When you are too exposed, the enemy can immobilize you in a breeze.

It is possible to capture an objective by your own by utilizing the high firepower that your cannons provide and the dynamism of your machine gun. As long as you observe the environment well and in coordination with your gunners, you virtually become a monster. The landships, which can go toe to toe with the enemy light tanks are not as clumsy as the heavy tanks despite being as not as fast as the light tanks.

The Light Tanks

The light tanks, which are the fastest machine and probably the strongest vehicle pound to pound in the battlefield, is ideal for repelling the infantry and the enemy heavy tanks. Those steel monsters that require you to be on the move and to fire constantly, help you in your team’s sudden attacks. Although you may not be able to make effective moves solely by your own, this tank lets you support your infantry units with ease.

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The light tanks that can only be driven by one soldier become a very effective tool when used in the right manner. Since they are light as the name suggests, they can be destroyed easily but such a risk will quickly dissipate as long as you are aware of your surroundings and monitor your enemy. You need to be alert at all times and by using the third person view, you need to look out for the enemy soldiers. We can recommend the light tanks for those who want to level up rapidly.

If you plan to play in a slow pace with hiding, you will probably be destroyed in couple of minutes. When you become the target of an anti tank rocket or an anti tank mine, your weak armor will fail to protect you for long and you will be forced to flee. The best thing to avoid this is constantly opening suppression fire as we indicated and being on the move every second.