In our guide, we will give you the answers to the questions such as “what is the armored train, what can we do with it and how we can use it?”

What is the Armored Train?

BT1 Train

One of the new elements, emerged with the introduction of the Battlefield 1, was the “Behemoths” Those gigantic vehicles are found in all maps and appear in favor of the losing team thus giving them a chance to change the tide of the battle. The Armored Train, which is the titanic vehicle of the Sana Desert Map advances on the rails on the map and can fire at everywhere within its weapons range. Especially with the help of a huge gun, controlled by the driver, you can almost control all areas in the map.

This vehicle, used by 6 players including the driver, gives the control of various different weapons to your team. The player in the driver’s seat has a 57 mm artillery cannon that is used via the Gunner interface, the player in the co-pilot seat also uses the same cannon but he / she cannot use the Gunner interface. While the seats three and five are equipped with heavy machine guns, the seat number four controls an anti-aircraft gun. At last, the player in seat number six is equipped with a 20 mm. automatic cannon.

For what purpose is the Armored Train used for?

BT Big Train

When an Armored Train appears in favor of your team, you will receive an on-screen notification in this regard. When you die or when you kill yourself by returning the planning screen, you can join the users of the Armored Train by double clicking on the train icon on the map, just like entering into a tank. The function keys on your keyboard (F1 – F6) you can sit on the empty seats. If you are the driver, you can move the train by forward and backwards keys and advance on the rails. If you are controlling any weapon, there is only one thing to do, hunting down the enemy.

How and Why is the Armored Train used for?

BT Dust Train

The Armored Train, added to the game to change the fate of the battle, serves to its purpose if used correctly. If you take wrong decisions, your gains would not exceed couple of points. You need to coordinate with your team and capture the bases on the map. With the exception of F base within the mountains in the Conquest Mode, you have the opportunity to fire upon all the bases on the map. Advance forward with firm steps by supporting your infantry and armor. Capturing a single base on your own would make a little difference if any.

What should you do with the Armored Train?

BT1 Train

It is time to give you the details of what we have just discussed here. The Armored Train has the potential to determine the fate of a match all by its own. You need to harness this power well. The rails directly go through the base areas G, D and A. the first thing to do here is to communicate with your team and to conquer one of those bases. You can capture the bases by your own but the moment you leave the base, you start losing it. One of the best features in Battlefield 1 is the increased level of destruction. If you think that there are enemy units inside a building, just demolish it by using one of your cannons.

Do not forget the integrated AA gun of the Armored Train. In order to make the friendly airplanes dominate the skies, hunt down the enemy planes by using your AA gun. However, you need to remember that the planes are also the elements that can give you the most damage. Guns and heavy machine guns may shot down the planes; they can level the ground units and devastate the armored units. Benefit from your advantages well and destroy the map dominance of your enemy. Your infantry and armored vehicles will do the rest. You just protect them, that’s it.

What should you do if the Armored Train is controlled by the enemy?


You are close to winning the battle and you have already tasted the victory that is on the horizon. However, you are warned by an on screen notice that an Armored Train appeared on the map in favor of the enemy. If you do not have any planes or heavy tanks at your disposal, the first thing that you have to do is joining to Assault Class. Thanks to the TNT and the mines that the Assault Class uses, you can damage the train or may even make it withdraw. If the driver of the train does not see your mines or TNT, your job will be a lot more easier. If he sees the mines or TNT that means you will still prevent him from crossing to that point.

If you have access to an airplane, you need to play smart. Since the AA guns and the Cannons on board the train can shoot you down with little effort, you need to bomb them from a certain altitude or you need to strike them with some distraction beforehand. If you undertake this task with two of your friends, it will be easier than it looks and you will get results that satisfy your expectations. Although the Armored Train is armored as thick as it sounds, nothing is indestructible. In battlefield 1, you can do anything that you want to try. We think there has been no one, who tried to climb up the train.