The first things that you need to know…

Key assignments

I suggest you change your default keypad settings before even starting on a new game. In case you are accustomed to the settings of different games, the default option of the game may make you uncomfortable. For example, when you press “X”, your character, instead of ducking or proning, strings its weapon up to its back. Trust me, you don’t want to experience this confusion during a combat situation.

In addition, the dash key being “the left side shift” is a whole different issue because in order to bring up the steam interface, you need to press Shift+TAB. You need to press TAB to check your inventory during the game. Therefore, when trying to check your inventory while dashing, you have a chance to bring up the steam interface inadvertently and that may lead to the loss of few seconds that may prove to be very precious. My suggestion here is to assign the dash to the Left CTRL. My personal preference is using T to switch the weapon mode, the V key on the other hand, is not problematic either.

Razer Chroma with PUBG Settings
The setup provides a few simple macros for the Blackwidow Chroma.

Which weapon should you choose and why?

The main characteristics of the weapons in the game have been designed fairly successfully. From shotguns to SMG’s, pistols to the assault and sniper rifles, you will have a wide range of options here.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Weapons
PUBG Weapons List

Some of them are situational weapons. For example; just like in every other game, the shotguns in this game are also short-ranged weapons with no competition in this regard. They are far superior to the other weapons inside narrow corridors and next to stairs. In mid-range situations however, this family of weapons become virtually useless. Furthermore, since their projectiles have no penetrating properties, they are not effective against the opponents inside vehicles. In addition, the shooting modes and spraying properties of the weapons vary.

It is very important that you need to choose what weapons suits your play-style best.

Naturally, you gather everything in the begging as whatever you can get in the beginning of the game will be beneficial to you. In some cases however, you will have a chance to strike up abundant amounts of weapons.

List of PUBG Weapons
Best PUBG Weapons

Based on your play-style, your ideal weapon combination shall be varied. I am always prone to carry ne shotgun and one assault rifle at all times. I do not engage in long-range combat and I always wait for the opponent to make the very first move.

Where do you have to sky jump from the aircraft?

Each game session is joined by approximately 100 players. Depending on the mode you play, (single player, double player, full squad) your jumping point may differ but the most important thing at this point is that avoid jumping to and landing on the crowded areas.

  • Try to land on spots, where you will be alone as much as possible.
  • Try to pass the large cities.

The important thing is to check from which direction the aircraft entered into the map and to which heading the plane has and jump to an opposite point. That means that if the plane enters into the sector from the Northern Side with and heads to south, try to jump to the west as much as possible. More your landing spot is at the opposite side of the aircrafts bearing, more the chances that you will be alone when you land.

Crowded areas are more dangerous for landing.

Furthermore, if you spot a vehicle around you when you land, hop in immediately. Drive it far from the aircraft and from the people and gather items at an empty area. Since the first wave commences in a fairly slow pace, the distances will not a problem despite your location in the map as long as you have a vehicle.

What to do during the freefall?

The moment you jumped out of the aircraft, you will find yourself freefalling and even if you don’t open your parachute, it would be opened by itself at a certain point anyway. At this point, you need to adjust to your bodyform in a correct manner according to the area you want to land on. If you dive, you land on the ground fairly fast but contrary to the common belief, that is not always a very good thing. As I mentioned above, your priority should be landing on an area that is as secluded and far as possible. It would be ouch beneficial to start the game around a point that is not close to danger by slowly and comfortably collecting items instead of clashing your way in. Let other groups do the early skirmishing, let them fight for you.

I have landed, now what?

Be quick while collecting items.

You need to search all item areas in the vicinity in a rapid fashion, which means you need to search everywhere from the houses to the tables outside thoroughly. However, do not linger too much at this point either, as you will lose the map display as long as you are in a house. You need to get the habit to collect the items rapidly and you need to decide on what you require in a flash. Above all, if you fail to locate a backpack in the beginning, your ability to carry items will be severely restricted. Seek the types of weaponry other than the pistols. Currently, the handguns are not very effective in the game. It gets very hard to take an enemy down with a handgun especially when that enemy wears body armor.

What items do I need more?

First of all, a very good weapon (and the accompanying weapon accessories such as scopes, sights, rapid magazines or magazines with higher capacity), helmet, body armor and health items are respectively your essential items.

In the game, the medi- kits, first aid kits and bandages directly restore your health. The bandages and first aid kits cannot be used unless your health is under 75 health points. Bandages restore 10 health points while the first aid kit restores 75 health points.

The Medikit completely restores your heath bar. All of their use period also varies. In addition to them, you have painkillers and energy drinks. They also render your health restore itself in time as they also make you run faster and aim deadlier.

The energy drink restores 40 health points while a painkiller can give you 60 health points. The adrenalin shot, which is an item of rarity, shares the same bonuses with the aforementioned duo, however, chances that you come across one is slim to none.

How to Heal/How Health And Boost Bar Works in PLAYER UNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG)

In terms of armor, a second level armor is more than enough. Do not risk yourself for a third level body armor but if you are within a safe vicinity, I say you keep looking for the armors.

Driving or not driving the in-game vehicles

In the Battlegrounds, the cars make wicked amount of sound, which turns you into an easy target for your enemies. As I suggested above, driving the car only in the beginnings of the game and to the areas that are devoid of the enemy combatants will bea wise decision.

COMPLETE PUBG VEHICLE GUIDE – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

If you have gathered sufficient amount of items, the next thing that you need to do with a vehicle is to drive to a point that is close to the center of the ring. That will make you situated at a good place at all times whenever the rings shrink. Probably the most important detail to stay alive in the game is being at the right place at the right time. The vehicles may take you to the right places. In addition, let us remind you that every vehicle has a turbo mode.