During the initial hours of the game, the issue of money may daunt you a bit. In this article, we compiled the ways by which you can make money in GTA 5. You will need this article to be able to purchase the expensive weaponry and vehicle in the game.

GTA Money Cheat

Get unlimited money

If you will have no problem with little cheats in the game, you can choose this option.

To explain briefly, this cheat is related with the hidden cash chest in the game. When you get the chest, you obtain a certain amount of cash. When you switch the character, the box reappears and you can get it once again. In this way, you can obtain unlimited amount of cash.

GTA 5 Gangs

Lay an ambush next to an ATM machine

People, who are about to visit an ATM, usually have money with them. You can rob them after beating them.

GTA Store Rob

Rob the stores

Another way of making money is robbing the stores. You can choose the big supermarkets and stores as your target since you can get more money from such places. Drive your car to the storefront. Get inside and point your gun to the teller. The teller will empty the cash register. After grabbing the cash you can get into your car and lose the cops in the process.

Tip: Some stores have 2 cash registers. If you point your gun towards the second one after getting the money from the first, the teller will empty the second one as well.

Do not purchase needless things

A part of the game is related with saving. There are so many things in the game that you can spend your cash on. Purchasing some expensive weapons and cash may become needless. Instead, stealing the cars from the street and placing them in your garage makes more sense. In this way, you will have money for the things you will really need. Also always give priority to the purchase of weapons over cars. Cars can be found everywhere while the same does not apply for the weapons.

GTA 5 Jewellery Shop

Jewellery Store Heist and Other Heist Jobs

You hit the motherload in your first heist job. There are more valuable stones in the areas, closer to the vault. You head them first. It would be wise to assemble a crew with the best attributes before hitting the store.

After completing this very first robbery, you will also undertake other heists in main story missions that will grant you even more cash.

GTA5 Stock Market Cheat

Manipulate the Market (Lester Missions)

When you progress in the game, Lester assigns side missions to Franklin to enable him to make money from the stock markets. Listen Lester carefully, he gives out some clues for the stocks that will raise when the mission is over. Make more investment to those stocks and get more money.

Control the stock market, fold your earnings

When you earn big money, you can also increase your assets with smart investments. Franklin’s assassination jobs are almost always connected to some corporate sabotage. Lester provides you clues about the stock markets in mission briefings.

When you put your eyes on a CEO of a company, study the rival companies as well. (Or you may check out our list below). And remember that if you miss out anything during the conversations, you can always revisit the last dialogues from the menu. The stock Market thing is not an instant thing. You can invest your money right after you finish a mission and you can still collect almost all the spoils then.

Tip: after beginning an assassination job, you cannot switch characters. Each character has its own wallet. Before starting, make your investments with all your characters.

GTA Online Map

What to invest on

For the highest income, go to your house after each assassination and sleep for the time to fast forward. Save the game. The income rates may vary from game to game.

Hotel Assassination: Before the mission, invest on BettaPharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ). This has a return yield of %40-50.

Multi-target Assassination: before the job, invest on Debonaire (LCN). The return will be around %80 – 90. After selling the Debonaire (LCN) shares, invest straight on to Redwood (LCN). You will get a yield up to %300 in couple of days.

Vice Assassination: Before the mission, invest on Fruit (BAWSAQ) to get a %50-60 return.

Bus Assassination: after the mission, invest on Vapid (BAWSAQ). This will get you a return yield of %80-90. (Ignore the red arrows and the chart)

Construction Assassination: Gold Coast (LCN) will be your address for investment before the job. This will have a yield of %80-90.

Rob armored trucks

This is a very good method to make money in the early stages of the game. They pop up randomly in the minimap while you drive. Force the drivers out, blast open the rear doors with your weapons or C4. The money that you will usually commandeer is over $5000. Get the cash, lose the cops.

Sometimes you get lucky and encounter a security guard, transporting the cash to the armored truck. This makes your job considerably easier. Take down the security guard, get the cash then beat it.

GTA Vehicle Free Repair

Other money related tips and cheats

Ammu-Nation Discount: Those who complete all Gun Range missions have a %15 discount in Ammu-Nation. Complete all mission in Gold level and raise your discount to %25.

Free Weapon Modifications: during your missions, visit Ammu-nation and purchase a gun and all weapon modifications. Then kill yourself and abort the missions. This will return all your money but when you go and check the Ammu-nation, you will see that all modifications still remain.

Tip: when you kill yourself, press retry (A or X). If you press Exit (B or O) you cannot get your money back.

Free Car Repairs: If you want to have your car repaired, simply save the game and reboot it. Your car will there, completely repaired.