Aim Guide

For the players, who cannot land a hit on the head of the enemies, here we present you the “Aiming guide for CS:GO.”

Thanks to this guide, you may master the aiming in CS:GO in no time, you can make headshots and improve your gaming performance. It is actually quite hard to aim in Counter-Strike Global Offensive and this may require practice and sometimes skill.

We will present you some tips for you to improve yourself in this regard.

Things to pay attention to about the aiming:

  • Do not aim at the feet of your enemy or towards the ground,
  • Select a crosshair from the range of the pro players that suits you best and use it,

Cs GO Crosshair Tips

  • If you fail to kill the enemy with the first 10 rounds of your weapon, do not continue spraying. Take a step back to increase the spread of the weapon,

magazine rifle

  • Lower your mouse down gently when spraying with an AK-47,

Waming Map CS:Go

  • If the engagement takes more than 2 seconds, prone immediately and shoot at the head of the opponent,


  • Never ever engage in combat in a prone position. This makes your head and easier target,

CT Awper

  • Do not appear from where you hid when you hear the bomb defusal sound to take a shot at it. Wait for a while,

CS-Go-Bomb c4

  • If the enemy spotted your position or the area that you want to get in has only one entry point, do not keep SHIFT pressed,
  • In a danger situation, do not change the mags when you still have 5-6 round in it,
  • Do not leave where you hide before the magazines were changed,
  • When your enemy generally plays with AWP or AK-47 and if you are short in funds, do not purchase a helmet since both weapons can kill with a single round in headshot,

Eco Round

  • After losing the pistol round, purchase helmet +pistol and one of scout or Mag-7 guns. Do not try to save money,


  • While carrying the  c4 bomb, do not engage into direct action. First leave the bomb to a safe place so that your friends could pick it up in case you die…
  • Appear within the enemies line of sight directly with W, if you enter when sidestepping, you would probably be shot by the AWP’s waiting to ambush,

Granade CS Go

  • Do not run with the grenades at hand.

TOP 10 Tips for Perfect CS:GO Aim