There is an ideal workout program for people, who have limited time to spend in a gym, to work all of their muscle groups out by utilizing their limited time in an optimum manner; station training. Thanks to this workout routine, having a sleek body in a limited period is not a pipe dream anymore…

ideal time for a work out

Station exercises are ideal for those, who get bored from the conventional training routines and for those who wish to come a step closer the body proportions in their dreams by working the complete body out in a short period of time. But what does a station exercise mean in the fitness world?

Now you came to the gym, you completed the overall warm up routine and began the station exercises. After completing your first set for your first exercise, you immediately switch to the second exercise without any break and then to the third one with the same fashion. You completed all the exercises of the station workout like this. This qualifies as one complete round. After the first round, you repeat another round towards your goals. Since you work out a different muscle group during each exercise, you stimulate all muscles in your body within a short amount of time. As the result, you increase the fat burn and by pumping up your body, you get a good look that may satisfy and motivate you in front of the mirror.

By completing three tours in a station routine, comprised of 8 exercises within 30 minutes, you can work your muscles out in an effective manner and you can force your muscles to grow. By burning fat during the weight training, you can define your lines in a more apparent manner.

Station Moves

Chest:  (Incline Dumbbell Chest Press)

Back:  Reverse Grip Pendlay

Biceps: Cable Hammer Curl

Shoulder: Side Lateral to Front Raise

ABS: Hanging Leg Raise

ABS: Dragon Flag

Legs: Jump Squat

Triceps: Cable Hammer Curl

How to Make a Station Routine

After setting the inclination of the bench, raise the dumbbells by getting help from your knees and start the exercise. First, complete a rep with your right arm. During that time, your left arm should remain at 90 degrees angle to your elbow. After this, go to the ther side and repeat the exercise.  Small tip here; if you do this exercise with a single side idle, you will increase the difficulty many times over.