Play Better

1. Identifying the Spin on The Ball

One of the most important things is to observe the racket of the opponent. You have to figure out what kind of spin is being applied on the ball. If the racket is moving from low to high, the spin is a topspin. And just like that, if the spin is a backspin if the racket is moving from high to low.


2. Control the Spin of The Ball with Your Racket Angle

It is very important that you know how to control the spin on the ball with your racket. You should have all the control over the spin of the ball. Using a spin, you can very cleverly trick your opponent and thus you can have a higher chance of winning.

Racket Angle

3. Using Your Whole Body When Hitting the Ball

There are many amateur players that only use their arms to hit the ball. This kind of movement limits your entire force. To apply a good amount of force, you are going to have to use all of the force that you have. To do that, you have to use your whole body. Rotate your hips and shoulders, use your feet to bring out all of the force that you can.

Ping Pong Whole Body

4. Keep a Good Position

A good position can be one of the key points in winning the game. There are certain things that you have to keep in mind to keep a good position. You should always have yourself in a position where you can reach the ball easily. Always use your feet to reach the ball, get back to the ready position when you have made your shot.

Position of Ping Pong

5. Train Your Strokes to make them Automatic

Initially, you are going to have to work a lot on hitting the ball. You will have to look for it and keep a clear eye. But when you have enough practice, things can get a lot easier. When you have a lot of practice, your body will respond itself, giving you an automatic response to an approaching ball.


6. Have Your Own Racket

Having your own racket can be one of the best things ever. Once you have started playing, you’re going to get used of your racket. When you get used of your racket, you play better. So be sure to choose a good racket for yourself.

own racket

7. Develop Sidespins

A sidespin is something that almost every pro player uses. There are very less players that are new and know how to do a side spin. This kind of spin limits your opponent’s response to the serve.

side spin

8. Take a membership in a Table Tennis Club

Practice makes your perfect. And the best ways for that is to join a table tennis club. There you will find many people that are new like you and others that are experts. This is very nice experience for you! You can learn a lot from each other and be better at the game in a very little time. More importantly they have very high quality tables like you see on

Tennis Club