Benefits of Coffee

Coffee speeds up metabolism

Coffee has metabolism speeding properties. It is a perfect drink for those who want to lose weight and stay in shape. Scientific research shows that coffee increases metabolism by 10%.

Coffee and metabolism

Coffee gives you energy and happiness

Coffee increases the production of dopamine, one of the happiness hormones, helping you feel more energetic and happy. According to scientific experiments, people who drink coffee regularly have 20% less chance of having depression. But you have to be careful: You shouldn’t drink more than two cups a day.

Coffee and Energy

Coffee is good for your liver

Especially the antioxidants in coffee is good for the health of your liver. It has cancer protective properties, so it lowers the chance of liver cancer by 25%. However, you should drink a big cup of water with your coffee so it’s fully absorbed.

Coffee is good for Liver

Coffee gives you a clear mindset

The caffeine in coffee is processed very fast in the body and helps the brain work more actively. Coffee helps you have a clearer mindset, raising the levels of noradrenaline and dopamine. That way you can be more successful at the kind of work which requires a concentration.

Coffee Clear Mind

Coffee raises performance

Drinking a cup of coffee before exercise increases the performance of your body because of the caffeine. Because it increases your metabolism, it helps you exercise more effectively.

Coffee Performance

Coffee kills your appetite for a dessert

Coffee with or without milk helps you kill your appetite for a dessert, because it sends signals to your brain that you are full. That way you feel full and happy without feeling the need to eat anything sweet.

Coffee Diet

Coffee lowers the risk of getting Alzheimer

The scientific research has shown that people who drink coffee regularly have a lower risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Coffee stimulates the brain, helping it work more actively. This helps the brain and nerve system stay healthy.

Alzheimer and Coffee

So, what type of coffee is good for you?

We’ve talked about the benefits of coffee so far, but we need to mention that you need to choose your coffee very wisely. You should especially stay away from sugary and syrupy coffees. The single-cup instant coffees have unhealthy chemicals. Because what is in there isn’t pure coffee, but chemical substances. Some of them have a n absurd amount of 3-4% coffee. Also, the coffee you buy from famous coffee franchises are also bad for your health.

Coffee beans or classic instant coffee is a bit healthier. You can enjoy them with or without milk.

Turskih Coffee

The best of them all are Turkish coffee or filter coffee. Because Turkish coffee is pure, without any chemicals. It has the benefits you readabove. Similarly, filter coffee is also great for health and weight loss.


How should you drink coffee?

Although coffee is very good for you, you need to be careful about the following:

  • Don’t add sugar, syrups or any sweetening substances in your coffee.
  • Don’t use coffee whiteners or powdered milk, use real milk.
  • Don’t drink more than two cups of coffee a day.
  • Drink a big glass of water with your coffee.
  • If you have high blood pressure, lower your consumption of coffee.
  • Don’t drink coffee in the evenings because it keeps you awake.
  • Don’t drink single-cup instant coffees.
  • Prefer Turkish coffee or filter coffee.

How to make fat burning coffee at home

We have talked about the metabolism-speeding properties of coffee and promised to give fat burning coffee recipe, so now we keep our promise! This fat burning coffee recipe has only three ingredients and gives excellent results with regular use. Especially if you drink it half an hour before you exercise, you can burn more calories and lose weight faster and permanently.

Fat Burn Coffee

Fat burning coffee recipe, has three main ingredients which help you lose weight: milk, cinnamon and coffee. The reason why we chose these ingredients lies in scientific research results. We recommend that you first read the explanations about these ingredients carefully and then continue to the recipe.

Benefits of drinking coffee during weight loss

Coffee helps kill your appetite, keeping you from eating junk food or eating too much. It is also a diuretic, which helps you get rid of the toxins in your body when you drink it with a lot of water. Because it stimulates the brain, it also prevents headaches or fatigue that may arise while you’re dieting.

Benefits of drinking milk during weight loss

There are three conditions of losing weight: Keeping a balanced blood sugar, getting enough protein, getting enough calcium… Milk meets all these conditions as well as helping you lose weight in a healthy way. Calcium dominates the bad fat cells in the body and helps you get rid of them.

Benefits of eating cinnamon during weight loss

Your blood sugar level determines whether you feel full or hungry. Anybody who wants to lose weight should aim to have a balanced blood sugar. Cinnamon both balances the blood sugar and prevents you from craving for sweets or eating too much.

cinnamon with coffee

How do you make fat burning coffee?

1 glass of milk
1 cinnamon stick
1 teaspoon of gold or classic instant coffee


You need to prepare the milk you are going to use for the fat burning coffee overnight. Add the cinnamon stick to the milk and bring it to a boil. The reason why we do this is to let the essential oils of the cinnamon to seep into the milk. Bring the milk to a boil and remove from heat, leaving the cinnamon in. The best time to drink fat burning coffee is 4-5 in the afternoon; because then you have a low amount of energy and you want to eat a lot. In order to prevent that and contribute to fat burning, you should drink your coffee around 4-5. Just warm up the milk you have prepared overnight and add a teaspoon of instant coffee.