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1. World is Flat – Thomas L. Friedman

CEO's Book 1

In his book, the author argues that the use of internet significantly spreads far and wide all over the world in 2000 and a new era begins as a result of the other forces. He emphasizes that in this new era which is shifting globalization to a different dimension the world becomes a smaller place and the playing field becomes flat. He claims that in the light of this development the world gains a new power in order to improve the global cooperation and competitiveness of individuals not only in the developed countries but also at the back of the beyond. In his book, Friedman offers an insight into the economic history of the 21st century while explaining the forces flattening the world.

2. Checklist Manifesto – Atul Gawande

CEO's Book 2

We receive more education, we become more specialized, we use more advanced technology; however, we continue making mistakes. The reason of this is really simple: the volume and complexity level of the information we have go beyond our ability to convey information safely, appropriately and consistently as individuals. Checklist Manifesto is a book thoroughly examining the nature of complexity in our lives. It is a book for everyone who wants to do his job properly…

3. The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham

CEO's Book 3

He can be the best investor of the world but Warren Buffett spends most of his time reading books. Warren Buffets describes this book as the best in explaining investment philosophy. In addition, this book is among the few books that should be definitely read by billionaires.

4. Playing to Win – A. G. Lafley, Roger L. Martin

CEO's Book 3

Meg Whitman, CEO of HP, describes “Playing to Win” as a book that should be read hundreds of times and recommends it to her thousands of employees. She argues that the book is very important for success because of containing recommendations on strategy building and management.

5. The Prince – Niccolo Machiavelli

CEO's Book 5

Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman lists this Nicolo Machiavelli classic among his all-time favorites. Machiavelli always taking side with republican governance sets off on a quest of a prince (emperor) who will end the political chaos, economic, military and moral collapses that the states in Italy suffer between the end of 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century.