Children with working mothers have mixed feelings. On the one hand, they feel confident and at peace because their mothers work; on the other they miss their mothers and feel alone. In short, it is difficult to have a working mother. Those with a working mother would know this best, but we tried to empathize with them in 18 bullet points:

1. Learning to do things on your own

Myself Working

2. Using your own keys to unlock the door when you arrive home

Key Open

3. If you forget your keys at home, being locked out until your mother comes back from work, counting the minutes or even seconds while sitting on the stairs.

Waiting on Stairs

4. No home cooked meals waiting for you when you get home, preparing your own food

Home Food

5. Having a deeper and stronger relationship with your younger siblings because you have been looking after them and have been a second mother to them

Love Brother

6. Growing up to be more disciplined and responsible

More Disciplined Kid

7. Not being (able to be) spoiled… It is hard to find people you can act spoiled with, so you eventually give up.

Spoiled Kid

8. Having mixed feelings towards your mother, ranging from anger to gratefulness

Mother Love

9. Your school adventure starts at the very latest when you are 3 years old and you go to the kindergarten for 2-3 years while everybody else is done after a year.

Baby School

10. Your whole day is school day and you are familiar with afterschool programs and school dormitories.


11. That being said, leading a comfortable university life because you have learned how to take care of yourself and do things on your own, so student life feels very normal and easy for you.

Relax Times

12. Being signed up for courses after school so that you won’t be home alone. Who knows, maybe you will discover a hidden skill of yours?

Kids Skills

13. Your mother tends to spoil you in part because she has bad conscience.

Look After

14. Cherishing every moment spent with your mother


15. Spending time with your friends at home during your mother’s work hours

Kids Play

16. Calling your mother as soon as you arrive home to tell her you’re at home, even before changing your clothes


17. The only criteria for a haircut is low maintenance. So girls won’t need to brush their hair, have an updo or braids, they usually get a bob haircut.

Kids Hairstyles

18. Finally, excelling at the skill of recognizing the sound of your mother’s high heels

Kids Sound