Angry Hostess

One of the challenging professions of the world is undoubtedly being a hostess in other words flight attendant.Furthermore, some passengers are more difficult to handle. Thrillist listening to the voice of flight attendants about the passenger behaviors created a list consisting of 18 articles.

Here are the passenger behaviors that make flight attendants crazy:

1- Not explaining how you exactly want your coffee or other drinks and then getting angry when it is made incorrectly

Drinks on plane

2- Demanding water immediately upon boarding

Water on Aircraft

3- Pressing the flight attendant call button multiple times

Call Button

4- Not finding where your seat is in the row

Flight Seats

5- Touching flight attendants or tugging on their aprons during the service


6- Taking off shoes and even clipping nails

Take of Shoes on Plane

7- Leaving your headphones on while giving your drink order

Yell on Plane

8- Doing exercises in the aisles or galley

exercises on plane

9- Handing flight attendants a dirty diaper or a used handkerchief

Dirty Plane

10- Scoring a free first class upgrade and then complaining about everything

The First Class

11- Abusing the service animal policy and trying to bring the animal into the cabin

Pet on the plane

12- Starting the sentence with  “On my last flight…”

Last Flight

13- Talking loudly during the safety announcement

safety announcement on the plane

14- Asking what city the plane is flying over at that moment

Ask the hostess

15- Saying “I’m totally comfortable“at the beginning of the flight and then complaining about everything

complaining about everything

16- Sitting in the last row and asking why the seat doesn’t recline


17- Getting angry when there is no meal in economy class

no food on the plane

18- Asking why the plane is delayed

plane is delayed