1. This is our planet World! It’s where you live… Love the world because we have no other place for live!

planet world

2. This is Solor System and our neighborhood planets…

earth in the sun system

3. Distance between Earth and Moon…

moon distance

4. North America Compared to Jupiter… A giant planet of gas!

Scale of Jupiter

5.  And Six Worlds Compared to Saturn… Saturn is really huge planet!

Saturn Scale

6. If we had rings like Saturn Planet, It would look like this!

Saturn Rings in the Earth

7. Impressive Earth View over the Moon…

Moon View

8. Small Earth View on the planet Mars…


9. It’s Earth View under the Saturn rings…

Saturn To Earth

10. Size comparison of VJ Canis Majoris Star and Sun… It’s awesome difference!

Biggest Star

11. All the stars you see at night are just part of this yellow circle! It’s really amazing… (Milkway Galaxy)

Galaxy of Milkway

12. Our Galaxy is big bur it’s not biggest! Milkway Galaxy is really small than LC 1011 Galaxy!


13. But there is much more Galaxies. Very much! Like the sand on the beach… Amazing!

Much Galaxies

14. It’s really very much! Another sample is small area near the Moon! This picture is so small part of big Universe!