Quit Smoke

We may point out cigarettes as arguably the most important cause for the health problems in 20th and 21st centuries. This product, consumed in large quantities in our country, threatens the human life at any given moment. If you are also a cigarette addict, let us remind you that each time you lit one of those cancer sticks; you allow 7.000 chemical compounds into your body. Let’s suppose that you decided to banish this nuisance; then what kind of effects will this decision cause in your body? You can scroll your mouse down and read what will happen stage by stage;

Quit Smoking

Stage 1: The First 20 Minutes

Your heart rate and blood pressure turn to normal. Because of the nicotine in it, each time you smoke, epinephrine and moepinephrine is released and this accelerates your heart rate and scants your blood vessels. Also this causes your fingertips and toes get colder.  After the initial 20 minutes, your toes will feel warmer!

Stage 2: 2 Hours Later

Due to the nicotine deficiency in the body, moodiness, tension and sleep difficulties may arise. The main reason for this is that we secrete more dopamine than usual because of the Nicotine and our brain notices its absence.

Stage 3: 8 Hours Later

The oxygen levels in the blood turn to normal. A large amount of CO2 is accumulated within the blood cells of the smokers. The CO2 is always in a race with the oxygen to bond to the blood cells. After 8 hours, your blood becomes CO2 free.

Stage 4: 24 Hours Later

After the first 24 smokeless hours, the coughing of the lucky quitter increases. But don’t be alarmed, this is just a way of the body to get rid of the toxins. And within such a short period of time, the risk of having a heart attack decreases to a very low levels.

Stop Cigarette

Stage 5: 48 Hours Later

The nicotine and other harmful chemicals are almost completely discarded from the body. The damaged endpoints of nerves begin to grow and you taste the food better.

Stage 6: 72 Hours Later

The nicotine based ailments nausea, dizziness, depression, anxiety almost completely vanish.

Stage 7: 1 Month Later

The risk of the diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, which may be arisen due to smoking decreases.

Exit Smoke

Stage 8: 3-9 Months Later

The side effects such as coughing, difficulty of breathing completely vanish. The lungs repair all the smoke related damages.

Stage 9: 1 Year Later

After a year, the risk of vascular shrinking based heart disease decreases by %50.

After Quit Smoking

Stage 10: 10 Years Later

The risk of getting lung cancer decreases by %50.

Stage 11: 15 Years Later

Your risk of having a heart disease becomes equal to someone that has never smoked.