Creativity is a strange thing and it is usually seen as illogical. A creative set of mind is a defined and distinct character trait for some personality types. However, it can change according to situations and circumstances.Inspiration and ideas might pop up in our minds when they are most unexpected, but we just can’t find them when we need them the most. Although creative thinking requires a specific way of perception, it is completely different from the way of thinking.

1. They Dream

Contrary to what they have heard from their primary school teacher, creative people know that dreaming is not a waste of time.

Although it seems like dreaming and thinking aren’t synonymous, a research from 2012 claims that dreaming is a much more intense brain activity – because the connections between events can suddenly be realized and inner vision can be boosted. Neurologists have also concluded that dreaming has the same brain functions as imagination and creativity.

Observe Person

2. They Like To Observe

The world is like an oyster for a creative person – they see opportunities everywhere and absorb every information which can cultivate creative expression. In Henry James’ words, “An author never lets anything get lost”. The author Joan Didion always had a notebook and a pen with him. He said he took down his observations about people and things, which made him better understand the confusion and discrepancy in his mind.

Hard Working

3. They Work Whenever It Suits Them

Many great artists say they work much more productively very early in the morning or late at night. Vladimir Nabokov started writing as soon as he got up, around 6 or 7 in the morning. Frank Lloyd Wright used to wake up at 3 or 4 a.m., work for a few hours and go back to sleep. No matter what time, creative people know when their brains work most productively and plan their days accordingly.

Clear Can't

4. They Reverse The Obstacles In Their Lives

The songs and stories which left their marks on us the most emerge from heartbreak… The flip side of this sadness is that they have led to great artwork. In a new area of psychology called “Posttraumatic development”, it is claimed that many people can make use of the difficulties and traumas they had had earlier in their lives to greatly improve their creativity. Researchers have determined that traumas enable people to improve in their relationships with others, spirituality, joy of life, personal power and -most important of all- creativity, helping them see the new opportunities in life.

New Experience

5. They Are Constantly In Search Of A New Experience

Creative people like experiencing new things and different emotions. This helps them acquire an important insight which leads to productivity.

No Defeat

6. They Are Not Afraid Of Defeat

The precondition of creative success is being resistant and flexible. To execute a creative thing, they need to keep on trying despite the difficulties they face. Creative people -at least those who succeeded- learned not to take defeat personally.

Take Risk

7. They Take Risks

One of the most important aspects of working creatively is taking risks. The majority of creative people also benefit from the risks they had taken in different aspects of their lives. Risk is a necessary element so that they can disclose to the world what is suggested by their imagination. This isn’t for reserved and shy people Waste of time, ruined reputation, waste of money… all these are side products of creativity gone wrong.

Real Passions

8. They Follow Their Real Passions

Creative people have a natural motivation – which means they aren’t after a prize or repraisal offered by someone else, but rather they act with a genuine interest. Psychologists suggest that difficult circumstances motivate creative people, which is a sign of inner motivation.

Connect People

9. They Connect The Dots

If there is something that separates highly creative people with others, it is their ability to see opportunities which nobody else has seen – or in other words, their vision. Many great artists and authors say that creativity is connecting the dots which nobody else can think of connecting.

Change Time

10. They Are Constantly In The Process Of Change

Kaufman says that different experiences are more important than anything else when it comes to creativity. Creative people like demolishing something and changing it into something else, trying new things and avoid anything that makes life monotonous or ordinary.