Photo Cover

Would you like to look much more amazing in pictures? If your answer is “Yes”, take this piece of advice from famous make-up artists and photographers! Here are the perfect tips to make you look perfect in pictures and earn yourself tons of likes on Instagram:

1. Do your eye make-up first, so that your eye shadow or eyeliner won’t spill and spoil your foundation!

Eye Makeup

2. Define the waterline of your eye with a black eyeliner, so that you get a much more defined eye line.

black eyeliner

3. Apply a luxuriant amount of mascara, and use the cleaned brush of a used up mascara bottle to separate your eyelashes.

eyelash mascara

4. Prefer a foundation that conceals very well and gives your skin a dewy look at the same time.


5. Don’t apply shiny eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes, even if it is a light color. Although this is a good tip to make your eyes look bigger, unfortunately it doesn’t look good on camera.


6. Don’t leave out contour and highlighter. If so many celebrities are using them, they must be on to somehting, right?

highlighter makeup for photos

7. Apply a little blush to bring color to your cheeks, it will give you a healthy look which will look great on camera.

blush to bring color

8. Fill in the spaces on your eyebrows with an eyebrow shadow or pencil.

eyebrow shadow or pencil makeup

9. If you don’t want your lipstick to look clumpy, don’t forget to moisturize your lips, just like you moisturize your skin, as soon as you start putting on make-up.

moisturize your lips

10. Clean any spills of make-up on your skin with help of some tape before you apply powder.

apply powder