If you are new to Grand Theft Auto Online, you need to know how to be wise in order to get immersed in the world of GTA Online. And that is why we are here. Now, 10 tips for the newcomers to GTA Online

1. Check out the white dots

When in online game, the white dots on the map indicate the other players. They may also be friendly to you but generally they act as they are your enemies. Always watch your back.

GTA Online Map

2. Keep Your Cash Safe

You need to keep your money as safe as possible. When it is safe, you can deposit your cash to ATM’s but beware. You may become a target by the other players. Another option is to skip the ATM altogether and make your transactions through maze-bank.com by opening your internet browser from your Smartphone.

GTA Money Cheat

3. Chopper / Planes Know where they are.

In online game, you may need a helicopter when you least expect it. Find their location and keep this in mind. If you fail to find one, try the plane in Sandy Shores.

GTA V Luxury Plane

4. Passive Mode

You may enable the Passive Mode from Interactions Menu. This feature prevents you to interact with other players as well firing your weapons but for a small amount such as $100, it protects you and your vehicles from other players.

5. Lock your Ride

If you are tired of other people getting into your ride, you may restrict access to your vehicles from Interactions Menu. Slide it down to the bottom and give access to all, to your friends only or to yourself only.

GTA Vehicle Free Repair

6. Stand Your Ground

Always have a gun with you because you never know a white dot comes and kills you. In this way, you can return the favor before falling victim to a white dot.

GTA Shooting Cheat

7. Suicide is an Option as well

When you are stranded in hills or deserted places, you may always kill yourself, using the Interactions Menu. This option leads you to the nearest hospital for $500.


8. Find your Friends

You may always use the Interactions Menu for some players to be indicated on the map at all times. In this way, you will always know where your friends (or foes) are.

GTA 5 Players

9. Join a Gang

You may join multiple gangs. When you complete a job with the gang members, the gang gets %50 reputation bonus plus %10 cash bonus. In this way, you also find players to play with. So invite everybody.

GTA 5 Gangs

 10. Work

When a mission ends, you may get access to nice things like planes. They are expensive al right but you can decrease their prices by completing jobs online. What you need to do to take the prices down to a purchasable level, is completing more and more missions.