Recently, a radio show, which was attended by Blackley, Moore and Spencer, the three big guns of Xbox brand, has given never before revealed information regarding the history of Xbox. The interesting information, given in this show and also published elsewhere is as follow;

1. EA did not believe that it was real

EA Logo

The new consoles are sent to the developer companies before being introduced to the end users. This leads to the opportunity to finds dozens of games that can be played on the console on the launch day. And the Electronic Arts did not believe the accuracy of such information and asked a Microsoft executive whether they are developing a console, aimed at the adults, named Xbox.

2. Halo was planned to be a Mac Exclusive

Halo Game

Without a doubt, Halo Franchise is the most special title amongst the Xbox exclusives. The first title of Halo Games, which is one of the most beloved titles and was the main reason that by millions of players chose Xbox, was designed by Bungee, exclusively for Mac computers. The lead designer of the Console, Seamus Blackley, while developing the console in 2001, never even thought that Halo would be a hit. Microsoft, which subsequently changed its mind, purchased Bungie Studios and managed to make halo an Xbox Exclusive title.

3. The Hard Disc Kicked Up a Fuss


Seamus Blackley, who was constantly consulting with the Microsoft during the development stage of the first console, threatened with resignation if the hard disck of its choice is removed from the console. He managed to keep the dick in the console by promising not to rant about the first control pad, designated as Duke.

4. The Reason of the colossal size of the Duke

Duke Game

The reason of the huge size of the control pad of the first generation Xbox is the Brother – in Law of Seamus Blackley. In fact, Blackley, who contracted the electronics company of his Brother – in Law, says when they squeezed everything that they wanted on a single circuit board, the result was a control pad with a size of a dinner plate. After the constant efforts to miniaturize it, they managed to scale it down to the size, which can be handled.  However, the pad was still big.

5. Blackley waged a campaign to get rid of the Duke


Blackley, who holds no brief for the control Pad, the Duke, secretly waged a campaign to replace or further miniaturize the pad. The developer, who recorded the compliant mails, coming from the Japanese game developers, to an excel file, the sent this mail to the upper management.

6. An unexpected request from the CAPCOM


Blackley, who was carrying on with his secret anti Duke Campaign in face-to-face meetings went to Capcom for this as well. While he asked them to request a smaller pad, the executives in Capcom showed him a 40-button device with the size of a table that they want him to produce for steel battalion. As a matter of fact, the control pad, developed for the steel battalion then became a joke amongst the developers. When his guests could not find a place to sit in Peter Moore’s office, they were sitting on the box of the control pad of the Steel Battalion.

7. The last minute processor change


Xbox was using the AMD processor until only two days before the first announcement in 2001. And the executives from the AMD reserved their seat from the front rows in order to see this magnificent AMD powered console but they got the shock of their life as the processor manufacturer of the console was changed only two days in prior.

8. The Tattoo of Peter Moore was real


Peter Moore, who was tasked to announce the release date of HALO 2 wanted to show this date with a tattoo in his arm. And as you see above, he actually announced the date by rolling up his t-shirt during E3. It is still rumored that he  alleges that the tattoo is legit.

9. Billions for the Promotion


Peter Moore and his lieutenants, who had a budget of a couple of billions at their hands for the promotion of Xbox 360, chose a very different way to tell to their employees in a much better way  that they can spend this money. The executive Robbie Bach had 100 million pieces of 1 dollar banknotes with Peter Moore featured on them printed and made them rain on the office rooms. What more could he do?

10. The Origins of Xbox Name


The Direct-X, one of the image processing software that the Microsoft provides was originally intended as a namesake of the console. One of the initial names, considered for the console was DirectXbox. Thankfully, that never happened.