Theatre Masks

1. Theatre tells people the things you have always thought of but haven’t had a chance to express by putting them in order in the most beautiful way.
2. It beautifully displays a slice of life within a simple décor.
3. It seems so much real that you can touch if you reach your hand and makes you experience big lives that you can only imagine in your dreams in a very short time.
4. You witness the most serious, funniest, the most dramatic or the most inexplicit of the criticism.
5. Within an hour long play, it can mention a lifelong philosophy, questioning, criticism and irony.
Theatre Red Seats
6. It contains different messages for every play. It gives different messages for everyone and you can find yourself in any play.
7. Theatre has no exact place. Theatre is everywhere. Where people are, theatre is there.
8. The same play gives a different pleasure even if you are seeing it more than once. Theatre is dynamic, it is in a continuous motion.
9. Theatre has no repetition, just like life. It is what you see on the stage. Just like life…
10. And lastly, the dust of the stage is addictive…