ios11 Features

The star of the Apple’s WWDC 2017 Event, the iOS11 will bring a lot of new stuff to the Apple Device Environment. Welcome to a more integrated Apple World that is easier to use.
At last, Apple has upgraded its mobile operating system, iOS to its 11th version. Without a doubt, Apple users, who read this article till the end will be relieved and take a deep breath. The Apple mobile ecosystem, which will obtain all those features in the Fall of 2017, surpasses the competition and offers an even more free environment.
In addition, the Beta version has been published for application developers. That is one clear point; iOS11 takes the ipad as the focal point but does not miss out the iPhone users.

Here are 10 best features that you will get with the iOS11:

1. Redesigned Control Center

One of the long awaited design changes shall be implemented on the control center. The new design, which may seem a bit odd for those who are familiar with the old versions, seem to have a more useful interface.

ios11 control center
Instead of being as individual pages which may be confusing, the Control Center, which has become small boxes, works with the logic of the 3D windows that pops out when you click on your apps on the main screen. When you click on a box, it is expanded into full screen and you can access to the relevant settings.
Also by going to Settings>Control Center; you can customize the boxes that you want on the main screen.

2. Useful Data Synchronization

Apple makes your messages in iCloud, your personal Siri data and photos even more synchronized.  Also the Siri that you use in multiple devices will not experience dissociative identity disorder. Since it accesses the same set of data across all of your devices, you will be in contact with the same Siri at all times. Siri will be able to access to same photos, can filter the same messages and can scan the same photos.

 Data Synchronization ios11
At this point, it should be pointed out that Apple is advancing slower than Google. Even though there were no personal assistant support, Google has been doing the same thing in relation to the data sync for many years and Apple took an important lesson in this regard.

3. Revamped iMessage Drawer

The ─░message app was one of the focal points of the previous IOS10 update however things did not turn out to be as Apple wanted. The main reasons for that the app seemed to be confusing and it lacked full fledges features.

With iOS11 update; Apple added a sliding menu underneath the keyboard. This new application works in sync with various apps and with Apple Pay.

4. Virtual Safety Belt: Do Not Disturb

Apple brings a new feature that can literally save lives. Now the drivers may activate the “Do Not Disturb while Driving” mode. You can, if you want, make this mode automatically initiated when the car starts moving.


This innovation will deactivate all notification during driving and will show only an empty screen. Exiting this mode will be easy by Siri or over the Control Center.
And your iphone will automatically reply the messages, received during the drive.

5. Siri is now more intelligent and more elegant

Siri gets minor image changes and artificial intelligence updates with iOS11. Now her voice is more natural and soon there will be translation support.

ios11 siri
She adds a newly purchased concert ticket to your calendar and recommends similar events. In addition, Apple now will allow access to Siri by third party developers in a more extended manner and the interaction with the third party applications will increase.

6. App Store was redesigned

The 9 years old Apple Store goes back to its roots design wise with iOS11. You can find the example regarding the more user friendly and simple images down below.

Apple Store ios11
Apple offers a wonderful way to the users to find new apps and games every day. The Today App notifies daily and fresh apps to users. The apps and games will have their own tabs and the application details tab becomes more organized.

7. Peer to peer Apply Pay

Apple pay has grown so much to support payments between people. This feature comes as an add-on to Imessage app and you can send money to the person you exchange messages with. When you receive money, your Apple Pay balance is directly transferred to your card account.

ios11 apple pay

8. Live Photos can be edited

Apple made the Live Photos much more interesting. Now you can crop them, you can mute them; you can put them on a loop and implement effects on them.

ios11 live photos

9. Indoor areas are on Apple Map

Although it will take some time for this feature to spread across the world, Apple has already added more than 100 Shopping Malls to the Maps. It is now possible to display the details of the indoor areas on Apple Maps.

ios11 maps

10.Unified Notification Center

Now, it will be much easier to access to unanswered or unchecked notifications from the lock screen. With a simple slide, you will be able to see the details of a notification and you will be able to take a look at what is happening without even visiting the app.

Notification Center