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Choose your stats wisely

Naturally, the most important element of Fallout 4 is not the character stats. Furthermore, it is even entirely possible to survive in the game with the incorrect or even random stats but if you choose your stats accurately in the beginning of the game, it would be much easier for you to gain EXP. Also, you will be able to reach to the abilities that you desire easier as well. So, do not focus your stat points onto one single option, try to distribute them evenly. However, you can keep your charisma points a bit high since the charisma section has the heaviest impact on the game amongst the stat points. Don’t forget it.

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Do not ignore your side arm skills

How you will assign your points to your Fallout 4 characters and how you will shape it is off course up to you but if you don’t want to have hard time right in the beginning of the game, you may spend your points on the sidearms in general. This would be the most logical move that you make in the early stages of the game since the weapon that you can find easiest is a pistol. Also the best trait that you can obtain in side arm class seems to be the “Gunslinger”

Remember that the Radiation is “Bad”

The radiation was not that harmful in the previous installments of Fallout franchise. Naturally, it was harmful to some degree but it had no impact as the radiation of Fallout 4. When you are exposed to the radiation in Fallout 4, the capacity of your life meter begins to drop down. This would hinder you fairly in the battlefield. In addition, being exposed to the radiation during the game is actually easy. The creatures that were pre-exposed to radiation are able to contaminate you with the effects of the radiation as well.  Apart from this, there are too many areas in the game, which are highly radiated. If you want to be protected against the radiation, RadX or the Rad Away would come to your rescue.

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And don’t forget that the waste is good

The workshops of Fallout 4 may not bear importance for you because maybe you don’t like creating things. But there are also very nice warehouses that would meet your need of storage. But what can you store in such areas? Well, the waste of course. Because never underestimate the waste. Such wastes will be useful in every aspect of Fallout 4. So don’t forget to collect the wastes from the battleground and to store them.

Don’t forget to remove the modes from your weapon

No no, that is not it. Of course you may have been equipped with the modes during the fight but you have to remove them from your weapon while recycling your weapon to a waste. If you don’t, your mods, along with your weapon shall become a chunk of metal. Also don’t forget that the modes take too much space in your inventory. So remember to discard your old modes to the storage areas with your waste.

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Appearance is important

You will encounter with various NPC’s during playing the Fallout 4 and you need to carry out conversations with them. As you remember, we reminded you the importance of the charisma trait in the beginning. Now the thing is, in addition to your charisma, your appearance becomes also important when you talk to the NPC’s because you can multiply your charisma points with your outward appearance. As your charisma points are multiplied, you get more options in dialogue screens. But never go overboard while intending to show off.

Save the game regularly

There can be few glitches in colossal RPG games that may ruin the joy. You may get trapped between the walls. You may suddenly get killed for no reason and the most ridiculous things that you may think of may pop up as an error. So, saving the game frequently would be wise move. At least you can continue enjoying the game from a savepoint from 5 minutes ago if something bad, related to a glitch or bug happens to you.

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Don’t leave the chemical material behind

When I explained you the harmful effects of the radiation, I already indicated the importance of the chemicals RadX and Rad Away. Apart from them, you will also encounter with another couple of different chemicals during the game. Not taking them with you will be the worst step that you would ever take. Because you may get very good prices when selling such materials. Also as I mentioned in the earlier section, don’t forget to fix your appearances before selling things since you will also benefit from that too.

Remember, the staff around you will be useful

In Fallout 4, you can dismantle everything you can see in your eyes and get elements such as iron, metal etc. performing such procedures will be priceless for you since you will need such materials when modding your weapon or making an armor. Therefore don’t forget to take everything apart. (of course the things that have no use for you)

The importance of the power armor

That is important but you need to take care of it like its your baby. Yes, the subject of Power Armor has become rather interesting with the Fallout 4. For example you can find one even in the early stages of the game but this armor, of course, does not run on air. The parts that power up the armor will not come as plenty in the beginning. So if you are using the Power Armour, don’t run all the time depleting its energy immediately. Also you can try hiding your power armour to a safe place that you know.   Because relax, the power armors that you may find wont go to the places from where you store store.