1. Fast get away from the cops

There are several ways to decrease your wanted level without using the cheat codes. The first one is to drive your car to the Mod Shop. If there are no cops, noticing you while you are driving in, you will be free of the cops. The second way is to switch cars. The car that you drive is called in by the cops and you are much easily found by them. So switching the cars will let you off the hook more easily. Also, you may get rid of the cops swiftly by driving your car through the rail tracks as they will not pursue you further.

Gta Cops

2. Cheating the customers in the Cabs

Find a cab and steal it. Accept a mission when it comes while driving the cab. When the customer hops into the cab, you will see the route to his / her intended destination on the minimap. However, that will not be the route that you will take. Choose the long and winding roads in order to reach the customer destination. The customer will have to pay for the distance you drove. You can even get $1.000 from the customer. This is a nice way to get money in the earlier stages of the game.

GTA Taxi Missions

3. Extra Character Traits

In order to unlock more character customization, log into lifeinvader social network. When you log in and start following the brands and people, you will start unlocking new character traits and customizations. For example in order to unlock, follow Herr Kutz Barber.

GTA 5 Players

4. Stealing money from the armored vehicles

While driving, the armored vehicles pop up on the minimap in a random fashion. Force the drivers of the armored cars out, blast open the doors with a weapon or C4. The money you will hijack will usually be over $5.000. Get the money lose the cops.

GTA-5 Armored Fight

5. Free Weapon Add – Ons

During a mission, visit Ammu-nation. Buy a gun and all modifications and add-ons. Kill yourself and the mission will be aborted. When the mission is aborted, you will be refunded for the entire amount you just spent in Ammu-nation. However, the weapon add-ons will still be there for you.

GTA5 Weapons Cheats

6. Instant Life Generation and instant vehicle repair

This little trick works when you are not on a mission. When your health is low, immediately switch to another character. Then switch back to your previous character. Now your health is regenerated.

This works just like the instant regeneration trick. When your vehicle is damaged, shift to another character then immediately return to the previous one. Your car is now repaired.

GTA Vehicle Free Repair

7. Shooting Behind the Glass

This may probably be one the funniest tricks ever. When your wanted level increases in the game, go to a nearby shop and leave your car right in front of the door, blocking the entrance. You can jump on the top of the car and can enter inside the shop. However, the cops are not that smart after all. You can shoot the cops through the glass and the bullets will hit behind the glass but the cops will not be able to shoot at you, they will only raise their guns and look back at you in front of the store. This game glitch enables you to increase your wanted level to 5 stars without getting killed.

GTA Shooting Cheat

8. Landing without being killed during the Skyfall cheat

When using the Skyfall cheat, if you take a position with your heat pointing straight down before crashing down, interestingly you don’t die. A nice way to travel around rapidly.


9. Unlimited Money Cheat

This is a cheat, resulting from a small glitch in the game. There is a small chest, hidden under the sea and full of money. You can take the box, meaning the money, over and over again by switching your characters. We explained how you can reach to the box in our site before. If you are interested, please click: A weird money cheat in GTA 5.

GTA Money Cheat

10. Doing a summersault with a character

Yet another funny and stupid thing that you can do in the game. After jumping by pressing to X (XBOX) or square (PS), you start doing summersaults after pressing B (XBOX) or Circle (PS). However, you cannot perform this on a level road. The higher you jump from the better you perform. Also you can jump onto people using this method. Just like shown below, you can jump onto the people and play the cheerleader.