Show me your WhatsApp messages and I will tell you what kind of a person you are. WhatsApp is essential for communication between two people in today’s world, having a very important place in our lives with its advantages as well as disadvantages.

1. Not receiving an answer to a message which is “read”.

WhatsApp Screen

2. When people send each word of a sentence separately instead of sending it in one message.

Whatsapp Sentence

3. When people constantly leave a very heated discussion.


4. When your girlfriend or boyfriend becomes online two hours after s/he said “I’m going to bed”.

After Online

5. When your friend has been “writing” for ages and still not done yet

Whatsapp Typing

6. Girlfriend/boyfriend who turns off “Last Seen Today at …”


Last Seen

7. Creating a WhatsApp group with family members

Family on Whatsapp

8. When you receive a message from your buddies’ group while you are waiting for a message from your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Group Chat on Whatsapp

9. When you write a paragraph of a message and only get “ok” as an answer.

Just OK

10. You Left The Whatsapp Group Chat First!

Left Whatsapp