Weight Loss

Having a healthy and fit body is the dream of all of us. For this purpose, all of us first want to get rid of our excess weight. In order to lose weight, we resort to ways such as following a dietary program, exercising etc. However, we can also face situations, in which we fail to lose weight despite our best efforts. But what do we do wrong despite the efforts or what are the situations that prevent the weight loss. You can find the answers of all your questions in your mind in this article.

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Skipping Meals

As we are dealing with the packed schedule of the business life, care of the children and the domestic responsibilities, we sometimes skip some of the courses. As the result of the skipped meals, our metabolism, due to the fact that we fail to eat a meal at a proper time, slows down and that makes it easier for the next meal to be stored in our body as fat. Therefore, you should be careful to avoid skipping meals and should completely abandon the logic, which dictates; “I eat little, therefore I don’t gain weight.


Consuming High Calorie Food

We need to be careful about the calorie values of the food we are consuming and we should know how to control the serve sizes. Our guiding principle here should be finding a balance between what we eat and the calorie packed food. For example; if you know that two spoons of rice equals to a slice of bread, you can choose rice as a side dish for the meals.

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Following a Diet Program without Exercising

In order for a diet to be successful, it should be combined with a training program as well. Because while the weight loss occurs in our body, the metabolism also slows down. In order for the metabolism not to slow down or come to a stop, exercise is a must. In addition, when a diet is followed in combination with exercise, the loss of weight comes from the fat mass, not the muscle mass. Another thing is that consuming a food that is not in your diet and turning your salads into calorie bombs by putting sauces in them after contemplating that you spent enough energy after an exercise is totally wrong and may result in trashing your efforts.

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Insufficient Exercise

The routine moves such as going to the market on foot and climb the stairs cannot be considered as exercises.  In order to ensure efficient burn of fat, sports like walking, cycling, and swimming should be exercised regularly. If you are a person who do sports actively in your daily life, the type and frequency of the sport is also important. Because the energy that is spent for each sport is different.

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Insufficient Sleep

The studies suggest that sleeping less increases the amount of the substances called leptin and ghlerine, which control our sense of hunger and thus trigger our drive for consuming food. In addition, sleeping less limits the ability to move thus disrupts the balance of the amount of calories we spent. Immobility causes us not to burn sufficient amount of calories and this makes it easier to gain weight.

Improper Use of Drugs

Using random fat burning drugs to get rid of excess weight and using them in combination without knowing the interactions in between or with each other may result in unwanted consequences in terms of our health. Such drugs may have effects such as appetizing, increasing the fat gain and slowing down the metabolism all of which may result in gaining weight.

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Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance severely and negatively affects the speed of losing weight. The insulin resistance, due to the fact that the insulin loses its effect despite being excreted in the body, causes the metabolic rate to slow down. In addition, since it increases the fat ratio of the body, the related person may suffer from obesity. The reason of why the obesity is so frequent these days is that the offices are used more as the technology advances and the people who work in the offices consume a lot of fast food and do not move too much.

Thyroid Disorders

When we eat something, this is converted to the energy because of the thyroid. If you suffer from thyroid gland disorders and you are also struggling with the slow metabolic rate, it will be very hard for you to lose weight.

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Psychological Barriers

Disorders such as the depression, anxiety, panic attacks and schizophrenia have all negative impact on the diet. Extreme stress on the other hand, creates irregular appetite since it causes hormonal dysfunctions. In the presence of such conditions, psychological support is highly recommended.