Pubg and Fortnite Better

In our previous essay, we laid out the major differences and the nature of those two gaming giants that caught the gaming world in storm.

However, a constantly asked question remained; PUBG vs Fortnite: Which one is better?

The battle royale gaming community is divided into two camps and everybody supports its own side so that is perfectly natural to come up with this question but we have a rather unexpected answer here; the Perspective is everything. Let is elaborate on that.

Art of Games

The answer of such question really requires a deep analysis between two similar titles that appeal to the same community and to the same tastes. But people, especially the die-hard fans of both titles often miss one core aspect; those two games are not that similar. Well yes, they are both battle royale but when it comes to the details of those games, the line that divides them gets sharper. So; everything comes to the perspective, the viewpoint, from which you look at those titles. For example, if you are a new comer to the last man standing genre, or you are a 9 to 5 worker, who simply and casually want to blow up some steam. There is a learning curve in PUBG and it is not a very newcomer friendly game. So naturally you will try PUBG and be repelled by it and after spending just a little time in Fortnite, you will like the title.

That would probably make you say that the Fortnite is better. Or you are a diehard military shooter fan, you want realism as close to the real deal as possible. You naturally want big maps and a chunk of weapons options. You get to play Fortnite but what is this? An axe, people flying all over? No, that is not your realm, you don’t invest some colorful child’s play…you may think. So long live PUBG you may say.

Pubg vs Fortnite

Therefore, there is just no sound way to come up with a clear answer, it all comes down to the viewpoint. However, there is another version of the same question that we can definitely and decisively answer. Which one performs better? The Fortnite is a video game, a finished product, a definitive and viable end user experience. It is ready to go. It feels completed, hell it is completed.

The PUBG other hand, can be even compared to No Man’s Sky. An early access nightmare. It is buggy, it doesn’t even feel complete. It is far from being a definitive product, cheating rages across the game and there are game ending errors looming in every corner. It is fun to play yes but players tend to forget that they are buying a game, a product, an intellectual property. No one wants to buy a defected car so why are you coerced to buy a defected video game. That is another viewpoint of course.

In the end, both titles bring a common diversity. One side or another, try to enjoy it.