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Nature is without doubt where we feel the most comfortable. For those who seek to escape the daily stress, we present the gift of beauties that mother natüre gave us.

Bermuda Triangle

What Is The Secret Of The Bermuda Triangle?

In this region of Earth, which looks like a triangle when open up a map, many mysterious and unexplained events have occurred to this...
The Great Mariana Trench

The Deepest Point On Earth, The Mariana Trench

The Great Mariana Trench is located in the Southwest of Guam island, which is known as the largest and the eastern most island of...

15 Amazing Pictures About Earth and Universe

This is our planet World! It's where you live... Love the world because we have no other place for live! 2. This is Solor...
Earth and Sun

Why Does the Earth Revolve?

Actually not only the earth revolves but also the other planets, their satellites, the Sun, the other star systems and other Galaxies are also...
Black Hole Cover

What Are Black Holes? Things We Know About Black Holes

  In stars which are closing the end of their lifetime, the nuclear reactions in the center becomes unable to balance the gravitational force, which...

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