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Nikola Tesla and His Great Inventions

1. Despite putting his signature under many "used and unused" experiments/inventions that can completely revolutionize the science and technology structure of the world, his name...
Airplane Safety

Most Common Causes of Aviation Accidents

People can be demotivated by either some unwanted events that they face in their lives or many factors based on their characters. These factors...

18 Things Children With Working Mothers Would Understand

Children with working mothers have mixed feelings. On the one hand, they feel confident and at peace because their mothers work; on the other...

10 Traits of People with Strong Innovation Skills

Creativity is a strange thing and it is usually seen as illogical. A creative set of mind is a defined and distinct character trait...
Angry Hostess

18 Passenger behaviors that flight attendants insane

One of the challenging professions of the world is undoubtedly being a hostess in other words flight attendant.Furthermore, some passengers are more difficult to...

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