Six Packs

This question is the first and the foremost question, asked in the realm of body building. When can I develop my abs? The thing is, you have always had abdominal muscles. The main reasons why they are not visible and defined are your fat ratio and the size of the muscles. If the muscle group is large enough and you have a fat ratio below %14, you have a fit body and your muscles are visible and defined.

If you want your muscles more visible and defined, you need to decrease your sub dermal fat ratio at this rate, which translates into a decrease in the general fat rate. As a matter of fact, we all have abdominal muscles, some of us have visible and more defined muscles, that it and that is all.

Six Pack Man and Women

If you work out and still think that your abs are not shaped as you want, let me give you a tip. The abdominal muscle, just like the triceps and biceps, is a separate and large muscle. You cannot grow it solely by daily impromptu exercises. Just as you reserve a day for chest or shoulders, you need to allocate a day to abs and you have to give it a rest for 48 hours.

The abdominal muscles are located at the center of balance in the body and they are stimulated (although not directly) in many exercises we make. In the same manner, our upper leg muscles are located at the core area of our body. They work directly or indirectly during most of the exercises or moves we make. This is the centre of our power and balance. How advantageous we are in most sports depends on how strong our abs and upper leg muscles are.

You spent all day, planning the exercises. You feel that your abs are getting bigger and stiffer. Yet the overall look is far from satisfying you. Then how about burning the fatty layer that covers your abs? Without a diet and a cardio program, that is just a dream. You cannot make your muscles excellent just within a month either. This is a tedious work that requires effort and planning. But the prize you will receive in exchange will surely satisfy you.

We guarantee that you can do this without a strict diet. Just by adhering to some rules, you will get a look of your dreams;

  • Sugar and white bread are off limits,
  • Drink water that corresponds %5 of your body weight every day,
  • Try not to eat fat,
  • Cut off %25 of the calories you get per day,
  • Add 20 minutes of cardio at the end of each work out and do this in intervals.

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